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Eclipse is the third thrilling installment in the popular Stephenie Meyer Twilight book series. Twihards who read the novel are enthralled by the union of the Cullen clan and Quileute Tribe against Victoria's army of newborn vampires. Fans are also romanced by the engagement of Edward Cullen to Bella Swan. Take a bite out of our collection of Twilight Eclipse merchandise, including Eclipse t-shirts like the Taylor Lautner Jacob Black t-shirt, Team Cullen tees and Eclipse Newborn t-shirt. Peruse the gallery below for Eclipse jewelry like Bella's engagement ring and moonstone ring. Also check out the Eclipse related galleries for the books.
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Heart Eclipse shirtTwilight Eclipse of the Heart t-shirt

This red heart Eclipse t-shirt reminds me of a certain 80s song. Can you guess what it is? Pair the love story of Bella and Edward, the name of the novel they got engaged in and this amazing tee design for the answer. If you still can't get it, put on your headphones and listen to Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart". Also, don't miss the Jacob Black tee or Edward Cullen tee below. Link to: Twilight Eclipse of the Heart

Taylor Lautner Werewolf teeBig Bad Wolf Jacob Black t-shirt

If werewolves get your heart pounding, then this or a Taylor Lautner Eclipse Motorcycle t-shirt might be more than your heart can handle. Become a member of the wolf pack that includes Jacob Black, Leah Clearwater, Paul, Embry Call, Quil Ateara, Sam Uley and Seth Clearwater. Wear it with a Quileute tribe logo tattoo. Now that we have you all heated up, snuggle up with the Stephenie Meyer Eclipse book. Also take a moment to peruse our other Taylor Lautner Jacob Black shirts and Bella tees. Link to: Big Bad Wolf Jacob Black

Edward Cullen Vampire teeEdward Cullen Tonal t-shirt

If you prefer sparkly vampires to snarling werewolves then this Eclipse tee is perfect. This shirt features Edward, the star of the Cullen family that also includes Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle, Rosalie, Esme and Alice, represented by the Cullen crest. With this design everyone will know which family member is your favorite. Pair it with an Eclipse Newborn shirt and choose to represent either Team Cullen or Victoria's Army, depending on your mood. Cheer yourself up with the Eclipse soundtrack and posters. Link to: Edward Cullen Tonal

Bella Swan shirtThe Lion and the Lamb t-shirt

Whether she is lying around in rainy Forks waiting for Edward to return or scaling trees on his back like a spider monkey, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is only a mere lamb to her lion. This Bella shirt shows the adorable side of their love. It takes a lot to fight off vampires, but they do it better together. Create some action of your own with the Twilight Barbie dolls, including the Bella Barbie, Edward Barbie and Jacob Barbie. This way you can create already existing scenes or change the story to make Jacob and Bella the match made in heaven. The sky is the limit! Link to: The Lion and the Lamb

Cullens Eclipse teeCullen Family Crest t-shirt

One of the events that we have all been waiting for has arrived in the Eclipse movie, the engagement of Miss Bella Swan to her dear Mr. Edward Cullen. Although Bella is not interested in the thought of marriage, she agrees and our anticipation is redirected to their upcoming nuptials. Along with this decision, she gains sisters in Alice and Rosalie; brothers in Emmett and Jasper; and a second set of parents in Carlisle and Esme. Celebrate her new family with one of these Cullen Crest Twilight Eclipse t-shirts. Be sure to check out Bella's engagement ring below. Link to: Cullen Family Crest

Eclipse Newborn teeEclipse Newborn t-shirt

If the Eclipse book was your favorite from the Twilight book series, then you will love this Eclipse Newborn t-shirt. As fans, we know that this story revolves around Victoria's creation of a newborn vampire army that kills many before descending upon Forks so Victoria can get revenge for the killing of her love James. These brutal acts result in the unlikely alliance of vampires and werewolves. Snag any of our Eclipse tees to celebrate putting differences aside for the greater good. Link to: Eclipse Newborn

Logo Eclipse teeEclipse Sunspots Logo tee

This Eclipse shirt is spiraling out of control! The spiral design on this tee is subtle but striking just like the Eclipse book (and movie) plot. On the one hand you have a steady but growing love, but on the other you have an eruption of death and revenge led by Victoria. The opposing sides come together and find a pleasant balance for readers and viewers alike. If you are rooting for good over evil, then also be sure to check out the Eclipse Jacob Black t-shirt below. Link to: Eclipse Sunspots Logo

Filigree Eclipse shirtWhite Filigree Eclipse t-shirt

For those of you who can't pick a favorite character or have picked a less common favorite like Charlie Swan or Billy Black, this Twilight Saga Eclipse t-shirt should work nicely for you. It is available in a wide variety of colors and styles for both men and women. Select whichever suits your style and snag one for your best friend too. Make sure you also take a moment to check out the Twilight Eclipse jewelry that's available below, including Bella's moonstone ring and Bella's engagement ring. Link to: White Filigree Eclipse

Edward teeEclipse Edward Cullen tee

There is no denying that people around the world have chosen a side. You are either on Team Edward or Team Jacob. If the sparkly cold blooded vampire who can't expose himself to the sunlight is your dream come true, then this Eclipse Edward Cullen t-shirt was designed with you mind. You'd have to battle Bella to get the real deal, but any of our Jacob and Edward Eclipse tees are a great consolation. Also check out the Eclipse engagement ring and Twilight Barbie Dolls to help bring the story to life. Link to: Eclipse Edward Cullen

Jacob teeEclipse Jacob Black t-shirt

If you prefer someone a little warmer who can sleep at your feet through the night, then this Eclipse Jacob Black shirt is what you have been hunting for. Not only can this very hot werewolf jump, snarl and run, he is also loyal, protective and eager, especially around his wolf pack. Jacob has even proven that when push comes to shove he can put all grievances aside to help protect his land from Victoria's Army. Don't forget to check out the Eclipse Newborn shirt even if Jacob is the love of your life. Link to: Eclipse Jacob Black

Team Cullen teeTeam Cullen t-shirt

Show everyone that you run with Edward (Robert Pattinson), Alice (Ashley Greene), Carlisle (Peter Facinelli), Esme (Elizabeth Reaser), Jasper (Jackson Rathbone), Rosalie (Nikki Reed) and Emmett (Kellan Lutz). Whether you are cheering them on while they play baseball or just wish you were a part of their unique family, this Team Cullen t-shirt is just right. To get pumped up even more, wear it as you listen to the Eclipse soundtrack. Link to: Team Cullen

Jasper Cullen shirtJasper's Fight Training t-shirt

When Bella Swan gets a paper cut at her birthday party, Jasper Cullen can't resist the smell of her blood. Can we really blame him? These Eclipse t-shirts celebrate the coolest member of the Cullen family, Jasper Whitlock Cullen. Once a Confederate soldier, Jasper is now the boyfriend of Alice. In the Eclipse movie, Edward must temporarily stop him from biting Bella. Play out this scene with the Twilight Barbie dolls available through the related galleries. Link to: Jasper's Fight Training

Bella's Engagement Ring Replica PropBella's Engagement Ring Replica

Practice accepting your own vampire's proposals with this replica Bella Swan engagement ring that looks almost identical to the one that Edward gives her in the Eclipse movie. The prop engagement ring is the perfect accessory for a Bella Swan Halloween costume. It can also be worn with everyday attire. Order yours today and tell everyone that this is the engagement ring Edward Cullen gave to you after breaking off his future marriage to miss what's her name. Link to: Bella's Engagement Ring Replica



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