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In 1989, Disney's The Little Mermaid movie plunged fans into an underwater adventure inspired by the well known Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. In the film, Princess Ariel dreams of a life on land and is willing to do anything to get it. After consulting the evil sea witch Ursula, she is temporarily transformed into a footed being, leaving behind her fishy friend Flounder and crabby spoilsport Sebastian while she pursues true love. If her story sends waves through your heart, peruse our gallery of Little Mermaid t-shirts and merchandise including the Princess Ariel shirt, Ursula t-shirt and Disney Little Mermaid Ariel costumes.
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Disney Ariel shirtAriel t-shirt

This Disney Ariel t-shirt not only highlights her preference for dreaming, it reflects her colorful personality as well. It was designed with fans of the character in mind. If you can't get enough of her underwater adventures but are looking for designs that showcase the other characters, then keep swimming through our Little Mermaid clothing. We have plenty of options, so you are bound to find something that fits your personality perfectly. Don't miss other merchandise like Ariel dolls, books and Little Mermaid bath toys that any fan would love to have. Get one for yourself and give one to a friend! Link to: Ariel

Princess Ariel teeBubbly Ariel t-shirt

King Triton's youngest daughter is the bubbliest of the bunch, so draw attention to her upbeat trait with this bubbly Ariel t-shirt. It is available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles for women, men and children, so it doesn't matter who you are shopping for. Pick the combination that best suits the fan in your life to put a smile on their face in no time. If you are looking for more ideas that would light up a little one, see the Sebastian t-shirt below and also check out the other items. You'll find lovable Disney Little Mermaid merchandise like toys, wigs and Sebastian plush stuffed animals. Link to: Bubbly Ariel

Little Mermaid costumesLittle Mermaid Ariel Costumes and Wigs

Disney Princess costumes are always at the top of a little girl's list, but the truth is Little Mermaid costumes are ideal for ladies of all ages. We have a wide variety of sizes and styles for girls, teens and women, so get your Disney Ariel costume now. They are great for Halloween or a random game of dress up at home. Add an Ariel wig to top it off. If dressing up isn't your style then feel free to stick with the Little Mermaid shirts. They are comfy, durable and cute with most available in children and adult sizing! Pair any of these with a Little Mermaid DVD or Ariel doll for a great gift. Link to: Little Mermaid Ariel Costumes and Wigs

Ursula shirtUrsula Little Mermaid t-shirt

Although Disney villains often come up short when compared to Disney princesses, they do have a loyal following. If you enjoy them just as much as the royalty or more, then this Ursula t-shirt will suit your needs. In The Little Mermaid movie, Ursula is the sea witch that Ariel consults about becoming human to pursue her true love. In exchange for legs, she must trade her voice and risk losing it forever if she can't get her man to fall in love with her. The closer she gets to her goal, the more trouble Ursula makes. If this octopus makes you squirm instead of sing, keep perusing our Disney Little Mermaid tees. Link to: Ursula Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid shirtThe Little Mermaid Logo t-shirt

The Little Mermaid shirt shown here features the well known movie logo that any lady would love to wear. The design will remind everyone of the plentiful undersea characters we adore and the hit songs like Under the Sea, Part of Your World, Kiss the Girl and Poor Unfortunate Souls that made this movie legendary. If you enjoyed watching her consult Scuttle the seagull about dinglehoppers and snarfblats then spread it around. Share the stories by enjoying the Little Mermaid book or DVD with a loved one. Link to: The Little Mermaid Logo

Little Mermaid Flounder shirtLittle Mermaid Flounder t-shirt

Flounder is Ariel's best friend. His tropical colors clearly indicate that he is not a flounder, but is rather an Atlantic blue tang. This is evident on this Flounder Little Mermaid tee. If you wish you could be the young princess instead, then check out the collection of Ariel Little Mermaid costumes. There are sizes and styles for young and not so young ladies. Don't miss the red Ariel wig as well. While you are there also check out the Little Mermaid plush stuffed animals like Flounder and Sebastian. They are sweet, snuggly and cuddly so get yours today. Link to: Little Mermaid Flounder

Ariel Tattoo shirtAriel Siren t-shirt

There is nothing like a faithful sidekick and for Princess Ariel that is her yellow and blue friend Flounder. He goes everywhere with her...aside from on land...for a chance at having some fun. Despite the fact that her adventures often lead them into dangerous situations, he can't help but stick by her. If this relationship is something you often strive for or are already a part of, then grab this tattoo style Ariel and Flounder t-shirt now. To whip up some fun of your own, be sure to check out the variety of Little Mermaid toys and Ariel dolls featured in the gallery that will give you never ending entertainment. Link to: Ariel Siren

Disney Ariel teePrincess Ariel t-shirt

Just like looking in the mirror...that is what this Ariel shirt reminds me of. The frame encircling Princess Ariel reminds me of her primping herself with her sisters before going out for the day. If it reminds you of the same then pick one up today. It is available in child and adult sizes, as well as a variety of styles for anyone. If you would like to style Ariel's hair yourself, add a Little Mermaid wig to the Ariel costume or browse the Little Mermaid dolls. You can do her hair, make her swim and more. It's a dream come true. Link to: Princess Ariel

Little Mermaid teeRefuse to Sink Little Mermaid t-shirt

Aside from Ariel, who else would dream of living a life on land when they have a fish tail rather than legs and feet? She dreams big and I bet you do too. Refuse to sink in this Disney Little Mermaid t-shirt that is perfect not only for our favorite redheaded dreamer, but for anyone who has dreams of their own. Whether you want to be a famous actress, travel the world, or simply want a pony, keep your hopes up in this Disney Ariel tee. As she has shown us, anything can happen. Link to: Refuse to Sink Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid Sebastian shirtSebastian Little Mermaid t-shirt

Sebastian may often be the wet blanket of the group, but can you expect anything else from King Triton's little spy? Aside from keeping an eye on Ariel's whereabouts which eats up most of his time, he is also an accomplished music conductor. If Sebastian was your favorite sea creature then get this Little Mermaid Sebastian t-shirt. If you prefer getting into trouble over preventing it, check out the Ursula shirt in the gallery. She was good at brewing up trouble for everything living under the water as well as for everything above it! Link to: Sebastian Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid Bath Toys, Dolls, Sebastian PlushLittle Mermaid Bath Toys, Dolls, Sebastian and Flounder Plush

Bring home the under the sea world from the Disney movie, including Ariel toy figures and dolls, Little Mermaid bath toys, and Flounder and Sebastian plush stuffed animals. Your child will have hours of fun reliving the storyline via these adorable characters. Whether in the bathtub, the living room or snuggled up to go to sleep, your little one is bound to have a favorite, if not all of them. Link to: Little Mermaid Bath Toys, Dolls, Sebastian and Flounder Plush



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