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The original Tron movie was produced by Disney and released in 1982. After the director, Steven Lisberger, saw footage of the video game Pong, it inspired him to develop the story of a software engineer, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who is unwillingly digitized and transported into a computer mainframe that has developed a mind of its own. If you wish you could transport yourself into your own digitized world, browse our gallery of Tron t-shirts below like the Flynn Lives shirt, Light Cycle tee, Tron Legacy t-shirt, hoodies and Tron costumes. In the movie, Kevin Flynn finds himself as the lone human in a digital world, where programs resemble their human creators. This includes his ally, the security program Tron.
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Encom teeEncom t-shirt

If you want to recognize the computer technology company responsible for Tron, then this ENCOM t-shirt fits the bill. ENCOM has evolved from its beginnings in defense systems during the seventies to a video game leader in the eighties, with the help of software engineer Kevin Flynn's creativity. Best known for hit video games like Space Paranoids and Light Cycles, it would seem that ENCOM couldn't survive without him. However, even after his disappearance, the company was able to sustain itself by using his previous ideas. Capture a Tron hoodie below or frisbee light disc as well. Link to: Encom

Hurley Tron Costume t-shirtHurley Tron Costume t-shirt

Despite inheriting his father's fortune, Sam opted to keep a low profile aside from his occasional daredevil stunts. Believing that his dad's vanishing was very peculiar, he was intrigued when he received a call from his father's former arcade. Soon the two were reconnected in a whole new world full of lights and danger. The Tron costume t-shirt shown here was inspired by Sam Flynn's (Garrett Hedlund) attire in the movie Tron Legacy. In the film, we see the family reunite. To mark this occurrence, don't miss the Flynn's Arcade t-shirt below or get a Tron frisbee glow in the dark identity disc for high flying fun. Link to: Hurley Tron Costume

Tron Legacy shirtEnd of the Line Tron Legacy t-shirt

Although you may have started the day searching for Tron t-shirts for yourself, don't forget about all your friends who are fans too. This is the ideal place to pick up everything you need for a gift giving extravaganza that is as exciting as watching Disc Wars or Light Cycles race. There is plenty of Tron merchandise to go around, including the Flynn Lives t-shirt below, as well as Tron light cycle toys, action figures, video games and more. Make a friend smile with this End of the Line Tron Legacy tee. Link to: End of the Line Tron Legacy

Tron shirtTron Bazinga shirt

We imagine that Sheldon would prefer a Tron tee over a Tron Legacy t-shirt, since he would argue that a sequel can never be as good as the original. Better yet, we're sure that he would approve of a Tron design that included his likeness. Wear this design as you hang the Tron poster art for the original 1982 movie featuring Clu/Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) and Yori/Lora Baines (Cindy Morgan). This piece of clothing highlights the spectacular computer generated imagery that was unrivaled at the time of its release. Link to: Tron Bazinga

Tron hoodieTron Legacy hoodie

We have tons of Tron tees but in most of the country, the weather isn't warm year round...although I wish it was; that is why we have this Tron hoodie. It is great for cold days and chilly nights anywhere. Be sure to layer with style by picking up the ENCOM t-shirt or Flynn's Arcade shirt. For things to do when it is cold out, check out the toys and action figures below or play the Tron video game. See if you can survive as well as Kevin Flynn or his son Sam in a world full of lights, recognizers and light cycles. Danger is everywhere. Link to: Tron Legacy hoodie

Recognizer shirtTron Recognizer t-shirt

This Tron Recognizer t-shirt features graphics from one of Kevin Flynn's most well known arcade games, Space Paranoids. He created it while he worked for ENCOM in the early eighties and it was one of the games stolen by fellow employee Ed Dillinger. The goal of the game is to eliminate the recognizers to get points. Once inside the Master Control Program though, the recognizers are now used as transport devices to steal programs. They stomp down on other programs to pick them up and take them away. Pick up this Tron shirt and take it away before they are all gone. Link to: Tron Recognizer

Tron Light Cycle shirtLight Cycle Racing Team t-shirt

Light Cycles was another video game stolen from Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) by Ed Dillinger. In it, drivers tried to be the last person standing. Others were derezzed, or eliminated, by driving into the trail left behind by other drivers, often referred to as light ribbons or jetwalls. Now the vehicles are used by programs for transportation and are often raced around the game grid. If that sounds like fun, then get this Tron Light Cycle t-shirt. For more merchandise, browse the gallery. You'll find deadly Tron frisbee discs, Legacy costumes and toys. Link to: Light Cycle Racing Team

Flynn's Arcade shirtFlynn's Arcade t-shirt

This Flynn's Arcade t-shirt design was inspired by the sign that stood outside the building in the Tron movie. Flynn's Arcade was opened by Kevin Flynn after he was fired from ENCOM and featured many of his video games, including Matrix Blaster, Vice Squad, Space Paranoids and Light Cycles. It was the local hot spot and it only makes sense. Could anyone create a better arcade than a video game programmer? Pick up some more fun items like Tron Legacy t-shirts. Browse toys, action figures and Tron frisbees below. Pair this Flynn's design with a Tron Costume t-shirt or hoodie for a great gift. Link to: Flynn's Arcade

Flynn Lives shirtFlynn Lives t-shirt

This Flynn Lives t-shirt actually has two meanings. First, it celebrates the fact that Kevin Flynn has been found alive in the mainframe in the movie Tron Legacy. Secondly, it represents a group that was established after his disappearance that aimed to find the creative genius. Pick up this Tron t-shirt regardless of which meaning you intended. Not only will you love it but fellow fans will too. Link to: Flynn Lives

Tron iPhone CaseTron iPhone Case

If you've imagined yourself leaving light trails behind you as you race your light cycle on the grid, then this Tron iPhone case is a perfect fit. Pair it with a classic black Tron Logo t-shirt for the ideal accessory to your Tron wardrobe. Get yours today along with some Tron action figures to take you back to a time when things truly were simpler, your childhood. Add a Tron Identity Disc frisbee for even more fun. Link to: Tron iPhone Case

Tron Battle shirtTron Versus Sark t-shirt

Let the battle begin. These Tron t-shirts depict the conflict between good Tron and evil Sark within the mainframe. Sark is the commander of the Master Control Program and is shown here in red. He is the complete opposite of the security program Tron portrayed in blue. Not to worry though. When the identity disc Tron is holding hits the communication beam, Sark is defeated. Wear this with a Tron hoodie or costume for the ultimate movie ensemble. Link to: Tron Versus Sark

Tron CostumesTron Costumes

Outfit yourself to look like you just stepped off the game grid like Sam Flynn. For the perfect look, add a Tron frisbee identity disc or a deluxe light up disc available below. If you're looking for an everyday outfit that's a bit more mellow, try one of the Tron costume t-shirts or hoodies available in the gallery. No matter which you choose, your friends will be left asking where you parked your light cycle. Tell them that Kevin Flynn lives and that you're going into the mainframe to help him escape. Link to: Tron Costumes

Tron Frisbee Light Disc, Tron Action Figures, ToysTron Action Figures, Toys, Tron Frisbee and Light Up Discs

Enter the game grid and get in on the action with a Tron Frisbee Light Disc that can be thrown like a standard flying disc. Other options include non-flying electronic Tron light up discs that provide the perfect costume accessory whether you plan on being Sam, Kevin Flynn or Rinzler. If you prefer a scaled down adventure, collect the Tron action figures and light cycle toys like those pictured on the left. Link to: Tron Action Figures, Toys, Tron Frisbee and Light Up Discs



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