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Despite being generally panned by critics, the horror movie Friday the 13th was a success at the box office, spawning a franchise of sequels. Most people forget that the franchise's well-known villain, Jason Voorhees, isn't the killer in the original film. Despite this fact, Jason and his hockey mask (which didn't appear until part 3) have become a symbol for the Friday the 13th movies. Below, we present a gallery of Friday the 13th t-shirts, including the hockey mask Jason Voorhees t-shirt and the Camp Crystal Lake Friday the 13th t-shirt. Browse the gallery for related merchandise, including campground signs, the Jason Voorhees hockey mask and complete Friday the 13th costumes. Own a Jason machete.
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Camp Crystal Lake Counselor t-shirtCamp Crystal Lake Counselor t-shirt

Join fellow Camp Crystal Lake counselors Ned (Mark Nelson), Jack (Kevin Bacon), Bill (Harry Crosby), Marcie (Jeannine Taylor), Alice (Adrienne King), and Brenda (Laurie Bartram) as they work to refurbish the cabins and facilities under the supervision of the camp's owner, Steve Christy (Peter Brouwer). This Camp Crystal Lake t-shirt gives you the chance to represent the most exciting summer camp around. As a counselor, you're also in charge of supervising the kids during swim time. Link to: Camp Crystal Lake Counselor

Jason Voorhees Mask t-shirtFriday the 13th Jason and Freddy BFF Selfie t-shirt

In this design, Jason Voorhees and Freddy are holding up their weapons and posing for a selfie. This Friday the 13th tee is a creative tribute to both movie franchises. Perhaps Crystal Lake's machete wielding maniac will hack you into fewer pieces if he sees that you are wearing a stylish Jason Voorhees t-shirt. On second thought, we could be wrong but it's better to be safe than sorry, especially if you're visiting Crystal Lake on the 13th of the month and it happens to be the last day before the weekend. Link to: Friday the 13th Jason and Freddy BFF Selfie

Friday the 13th t-shirt Jason's NirvanaFriday the 13th Jason's Nirvana t-shirt

The design on the front of this bestselling Friday the 13th t-shirt was inspired by Nirvana's Nevermind album cover. The design includes a young Jason floating in the water with his hockey mask on his face and a machete next to him. Wear the tee by itself or with a Jason Voorhees' hockey mask for a fun costume. This Friday the 13th merchandise item is perfect for fans of the classic horror movie. Browse the movie mask in the gallery. Link to: Friday the 13th Jason's Nirvana

Jason Hockey MaskJason Voorhees Costumes and Masks

Wear your favorite horror tee under one of these Friday the 13th costumes, which include Jason's hockey mask, the most recognizable part of his outfit. The outfit on the left ships with the Friday the 13th mask, a tattered blue jacket and a brown top. Jason's machete is sold separately. Other costume styles include the Jason Big Bruiser and the Ms. Voorhees costume, which together make a fun couples outfit. They're perfect to wear overtop one of the Friday the 13th t-shirts displayed here, and they'll surely catch the attention of both fans and non-fans alike. Also see the related machete. Link to: Jason Voorhees Costumes and Masks

Jason Vorhees t-shirtsThank Jason It's Friday the 13th t-shirt

The fronts of these Jason Voorhees t-shirts feature the machete swinging Camp Crystal Lake killer's mask in place of the 'J' in the phrase TJIF 13th. Yes, we can all thank the machete wielding killer Jason Voorhees that it's Friday the 13th, or we can at least have a much more frightening day because of him. Put on your hockey mask and celebrate by scaring your friends. Link to: Thank Jason It's Friday the 13th

jason maskJason's Mask t-shirt

The design on the front of this tee displays Jason's mask from the Friday the 13th movies. Helping to make him one of the most famous movie killers of all time, the iconic mask displayed on this Jason Voorhees t-shirt blends seamlessly into the fabric color. It will immediately remind others of the lakeside killer with the machete. Horror movie fans should note that this design can also be purchased on a Friday the 13th sweatshirt or hoodie. Link to: Jason's Mask

Jason Friday the 12thFriday the 12th

The calendar on the front of this tee displays the horrifying realization that this month it's Friday the 12th and not the 13th. Next to the day calendar is a cartoon style image of the disappointed killer in his Friday the 13th mask, which is the most recognizable part of Jason's costume. You'll have to put your Jason Voorhees hockey mask back in the closet for at least another month. The design on this Friday the 13th t-shirt features one of the horror genre's most familiar stars. Jason's mask first appears in 1982's Friday the 13th Part III. He takes it from one of his victims at Higgins Haven resort. Link to: Friday the 12th

camp crystal lake t-shirtCamp Crystal Lake t-shirt

These Friday the 13th t-shirts display a logo for the summer camp that can't always promise that your kids will still be breathing when you pick them up. Disregard the stories that you've heard about the careless camp counselors who let a young boy drown back in 1957. This Camp Crystal Lake t-shirt promotes the idea that the camp can once again be a place of safely had fun and bonding with nature. Link to: Camp Crystal Lake

Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees t-shirtsThe Ultimate Slasher Villain

This design creates the ultimate slasher villain by combining elements of four legendary horror movie icons. Pair it with a "TGIF the 13th" design to add variety to your Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees t-shirts. The funny abbreviation "TGIF the 13th" stands for "Thank God it's Friday the 13th." Wear it with Jason's mask. This Jason t-shirt is the perfect gift for horror fans, machete-wielding psychos, or people who are morbidly creative. Match it with other available Friday the 13th merchandise, including hats and boxers. Link to: The Ultimate Slasher Villain

Pure Evel Friday the 13th t-shirtsPure Evel!

This humorous design combines Jason's hockey mask with the colors of legendary daredevil Evel Knievel to create Pure Evel. It's perfect for adrenaline junkies and horror buffs. Wear this Pure Evel Friday the 13th t-shirt to go on your own Crystal Lake weekend getaways. That way, if you run into a hockey masked killer, he might have a good laugh instead of trying to kill you, unless he's not a fan of daredevils. Link to: Pure Evel!

Jason shirtFriday the 13th Logo tee

The black, white, and red design on this tee stylishly symbolizes the wrath of Jason Voorhees. The killer, who likes to dice his victims with a knife or machete, is represented here by a blood splattered movie logo. Pair it with a white Jason Voorhees hockey mask for a fun movie costume. The simple design on these Friday the 13th t-shirts is a classic tribute to the film. The original Jason mask was molded from a 1950s Detroit Red Wings hockey mask. Link to: Friday the 13th Logo

camp crystal lakeCamp Crystal Lake Friday the 13th tee

The brown design on these Friday the 13th tees includes the word "Counselor" on the back and the words "Camp Crystal Lake" on the front. Below the lake scene is the text, "Est. 1935". Wear this tee underneath your Jason costume for a killer set of movie related apparel. Buy this together with a Jason Voorhees t-shirt for the perfect Friday the 13th horror combo. Link to: Camp Crystal Lake Friday the 13th

camp crystal lake halloween signCamp Crystal Lake Sign

Turn your front yard into the Crystal Lake Campground with a prop sign. The faux wooden decoration features raised letters and is made from molded plastic. A simple and affordable option, this Camp Crystal Lake Halloween sign serves its purpose, despite it not being as authentic in terms of quality as some fans may desire. Link to: Camp Crystal Lake Sign



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