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The final installment of the Stephenie Meyer Twilight series is the book Breaking Dawn. Fans of all ages are enthralled by the action in this book, including Edward and Bella's wedding, honeymoon and birth of their daughter, Renesmee. As if that isn't enough, Bella is finally turned into a vampire and Renesmee finds her one true love in Jacob Black! If you love a happy ending, peruse our Breaking Dawn t-shirts like the Jacob Imprint shirt, Team Renesmee t-shirt and Twilight mom tee. Don't miss other Breaking Dawn merchandise like the shirtless Taylor Lautner Barbie doll, Breaking Dawn Little Nudger onesies and more Twilight Barbies.
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Team Renesmee t-shirtTeam Renesmee t-shirt

These Team Renesmee t-shirts display a silhouette image of Nessie holding her favorite toy, her stuffed wolf that she calls Jacob. These humorous Breaking Dawn tees are available in a variety of styles, including another version that reads "Team Nessie". Celebrate the childhood of everyone's favorite little nudger, Renesmee Carlie Cullen, a half human/half vampire hybrid who is later imprinted by Jacob. Link to: Team Renesmee

Mrs. Black shirtMrs. Jacob Black t-shirt

Tons of women wish they were as lucky as Renesmee to be imprinted by Jacob. It is clear that by being accepted by Edward and the rest of the Cullen family that Renesmee will eventually be Mrs. Jacob Black. If you dream of being in her shoes then snag this Mrs. Black t-shirt. It is a simple design that gets the point across in a tasteful way. Don't miss out on the no shirt Taylor Lautner Barbies available in the gallery. You will love them! Link to: Mrs. Jacob Black

Feathers Breaking Dawn shirtWhy am I covered in feathers? t-shirt

It doesn't get much better than this amusing Breaking Dawn shirt. It features the quote, "why am I covered in feathers?" that Bella utters after her first night of passion with her new husband Edward. Apparently, after losing a little control over himself he bit the pillow and sent the feathers flying. If you're a mom and this seems a little too risqué, then see the simply perfect Twilight Mom t-shirt in the gallery. Link to: Why am I covered in feathers?

Isle Esme teeIsle Esme t-shirt

Picture are on a private island off the coast of Brazil with no one but a sparkly vampire hunk. That is exactly what Bella is privileged to for her honeymoon. She and Edward vacation on Isle Esme, a gift from Carlisle to his wife Esme that is covered with lush jungles and surrounded by crystal blue water. Commemorate their honeymoon with this Breaking Dawn Isle Esme t-shirt or celebrate their nuptials with the Mrs. Cullen shirt. Link to: Isle Esme

Jacob Imprint teeJacob Imprint Here t-shirt

Imprinting occurs when a shapeshifter finds their soul mate. According to Jacob Black, "It's not like love at first sight, really. It's more like... gravity moves... suddenly. It's not the earth holding you here anymore, she does. You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that's a protector, or a lover, or a friend." Get one of these Breaking Dawn t-shirts if you wish someone felt that way about you, or if someone does then see the Imprinted t-shirt. Link to: Jacob Imprint Here

Twilight Mom tee shirtTwilight Mom t-shirt

Let's face it, not everyone who loves the Twilight movies are teens. There are plenty of women in their twenties, thirties, forties and older that can't get enough of it either. That is where this Twilight Mom shirt comes in. This tee is specifically for women who are proud to admit that they like Edward, Jacob and Carlisle or wish they were Bella, Esme or Alice. If you are still a child at heart, check out the collectible Twilight Barbies in the gallery. You could win Mom of the Year if you grab Breaking Dawn merchandise like the shirtless Taylor Lautner Barbie doll or a Twilight onesie for your little nudger. Link to: Twilight Mom

Breaking Dawn Quote teeBreaking Dawn Quote t-shirt

This Breaking Dawn t-shirt features the memorable quote, "You're awfully small to be so hugely irritating," from Edward to Alice after her threat to ruin his wedding surprise for Bella. If you believe this union is a match made in heaven, then check out the Mrs. Cullen t-shirt as well. If you wish that Jacob was the one with a surprise up his sleeve, then check out the Mrs. Black shirt or the Jacob Imprint t-shirt in the gallery. Picking any of the Breaking Dawn tees is a surprise any fan would enjoy. Link to: Breaking Dawn Quote

Team Renesmee teeTeam Renesmee Feeding Time t-shirt

Renesmee has the best of both worlds. Not only does she have Edward and Bella as parents, she has Jacob as her soul mate. As an added bonus, she gets knowledgeable Carlisle and Esme as grandparents, trendy Alice and caring Rosalie as aunts, and Emmett and Jasper as protective uncles! This Breaking Dawn Team Renesmee t-shirt is for those of you who would love to be Renesmee Cullen. Pair it with the Little Nudger onesie. Link to: Team Renesmee Feeding Time

Breaking Dawn Imprinted shirtBreaking Dawn Logo t-shirt

If you're looking for something more basic than an Imprinted t-shirt or a specific quote, then this Breaking Dawn logo might be the ideal choice. Wear it to celebrate all of the elements of the movie, including when Jacob Black imprinted on Renesmee Cullen, and when Bella became a vampire. If you are an Edward fan, check out our other Breaking Dawn shirts. Also, see the Stephenie Meyer books and Twilight Barbies like the shirtless Taylor Lautner Barbie doll bound to please Jacob fans. Link to: Breaking Dawn Logo

Mrs. Cullen shirtMrs. Cullen t-shirt

Just call me Mrs. Edward Cullen. Has a nice ring to it right? One can only dream. This Mrs. Cullen t-shirt is for all you dreamers out there like me, who think that you would be a better fit with Edward than Bella is. I'd actually enjoy shopping with Alice. If this isn't quite your fantasy and you would prefer marrying Jacob, then check out the Mrs. Black shirt and the Twilight Imprint t-shirts. If your mom is a fan too, then check out the Twilight mom t-shirt for her. Link to: Mrs. Cullen

Little Nudger Twilight OnesieTwilight Little Nudger Onesie & t-shirts

If you have read the Breaking Dawn book by Stephenie Meyer then you understand this Twilight Little Nudger onesie. The term "little nudger" is what Bella affectionately referred to her baby as throughout her very short pregnancy. If you have a little nudger in your life, then this Twilight onesie will celebrate exactly what mommy ordered. Be sure to also check out the adorable Twilight Bib and the rest of our Breaking Dawn tees for the Twihard parent in your nudger's life. Link to: Twilight Little Nudger Onesie &

Twilight Edward Cullen Barbie DollTwilight Barbie Dolls, Bella Swan Barbie, Edward and Jacob Dolls

Reenact your favorite scenes from the movie Breaking Dawn with these Twilight Barbie dolls. The collectible figures made by Mattel are perfect for fans of all ages. Collect the coveted Alice Cullen Barbie doll or opt for the more common Edward Cullen and Bella Swan dolls. Complete the love triangle with a shirtless Jacob Black Barbie doll that displays his Quileute tribe tattoo on his bare shoulder. Other figures include Victoria and Jane. Link to: Twilight Barbie Dolls, Bella Swan Barbie, Edward and Jacob Dolls



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