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The Dukes of Hazzard TV show originally aired from 1979 to 1985. The TV series followed the adventures of two cousins, Bo and Luke Duke, who raced around in their 1969 Dodge Charger, The General Lee, trying to evade the crooked Boss Hogg and his incompetent sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane. Below, you can browse our selection of Dukes of Hazzard t-shirts that include the bestselling General Lee t-shirt and the Daisy Duke tee. With our inventory of Dukes of Hazzard clothing, you'll be well prepared to help the good old boys protect uncle Jesse's farm from Boss Hogg. Just be sure to stop by Cooter's Garage to give your General Lee car a quick tune up. See more merchandise below like Dukes of Hazzard hats and General Lee model cars. Show your admiration for Hazzard County, Georgia.
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01 General Lee t-shirts01 General Lee t-shirts

The front of this orange Dukes of Hazzard General Lee t-shirt displays the car's famous number "01". This is the same number that is painted on the side of the 1969 Dodge Charger that Bo and Luke Duke drive on the TV show. It can be purchased in adult and children's sizes. Browse the gallery to see this number on hats and Dukes of Hazzard model cars. Link to: 01 General Lee

cooter's garage t-shirtCooter's Garage t-shirt

The distressed design on these Cooter's Garage Dukes of Hazzard t-shirts reads, "Cooter's Towing & Garage, Hazzard County, U.S.A." In the center of the design is a distressed image of Cooter's tow truck with the words, "Since 1979", printed on each side of it. Cooter, like Daisy Duke, helps Bo and Luke when they're in trouble. He repairs their car. Link to: Cooter's Garage

Hazzard ringer teeJust a Good Ol' Boy Hazzard County

Support Hazzard, the Georgia county that the good old boys, Bo and Luke Duke, call home. Order this Dukes of Hazzard shirt, which features the phrase, "Just a Good Ol' Boy" printed in red country style font. The design runs across the chest of the tee. It is shown here on a ringer T, but it is also available on other tee styles and forms of Dukes of Hazzard merchandise clothing. Link to: Just a Good Ol' Boy Hazzard County

dukes of hazzard sweatshirt hoodieDukes of Hazzard Hoodie

Relax like a true good old boy with this orange General Lee Dukes of Hazzard sweatshirt. The orange hoodie features the car's number, "01", on the front. Look for the matching Dukes of Hazzard hat and model car in the gallery below. Link to: Dukes of Hazzard Hoodie

boar's nest t-shirtBoar's Nest Dukes of Hazzard t-shirt

The design on the front of this white Boar's Nest Dukes of Hazzard t-shirt advertises the old Hazzard County bar and grill, where the Duke family (Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Uncle Jesse) often gathers socially on the TV show. Boss Hogg owns the Boar's Nest and Daisy Duke is employed as a waitress there. The Boar's Nest is based on a real bar. Link to: Boar's Nest Dukes of Hazzard

Dukes of Hazzard Costumes Daisy, Bo, LukeDukes of Hazzard Costumes, Daisy Duke Costume, Bo and Luke Outfits

Portray the most well known members of the Duke family with these Bo, Luke and Daisy Duke costumes that feature the trio's most memorable attire that is recognized by fans everywhere. From the classic button up shirts to the cowboy hats and belt buckle, you can transform yourself and a friend into the good ol' boys, Bo and Luke, with these outfits. You'll just need a 1969 Dodge Charger. Link to: Dukes of Hazzard Costumes, Daisy Duke Costume, Bo and Luke Outfits

hazzard county driving school teeDukes of Hazzard General Lee Logo tee

After learning how to push the General Lee to its limits at the Hazzard County Driving School, the Duke boys put their driving skills to the test in each episode. The fronts of these Dukes of Hazzard t-shirts display an image of their car next to the TV show logo. When their 1969 Dodge Charger (the General Lee) is damaged they take it to Cooter Davenport's garage for repairs. Cooter will be more than happy to have a look. Wear this tee so that everyone knows that like Bo and Luke Duke, you are also a good ol' boy. Match it with a Dukes of Hazzard hat. Link to: Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Logo

Vintage Dukes of Hazzard t-shirtsVintage Dukes of Hazzard t-shirts

This officially licensed Dukes of Hazzard General Lee t-shirt features an iron-on style image of the Duke boys and their car on the front. Above the car is the TV show's name in fancy country-style lettering. This Dukes of Hazzard merchandise item is perfect for a relaxing southern style afternoon. Browse more of these vintage apparel items that feature the original Warner Brothers iron-on heat transfers from 1979 and 1980. They are being made available by American Ringer. Link to: Vintage Dukes of Hazzard

hazzard county general lee iphone caseGeneral Lee iPhone Case

Instead of a Hazzard County tee featuring the legendary General Lee car, this creative iPhone case design turns your phone into the good ol' boys car. It's perfect for fans of the TV show or car racing in general. The design depicts a side view of the General Lee. Whether you're a Duke boy or girl, this alternative to Dukes of Hazzard shirts will bring back fun memories of the good ol' boys. It's available on both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases. Pair it with a piece of Hazzard County clothing. Link to: General Lee iPhone Case

cooter's towing t-shirtsCooter's Garage Dukes of Hazzard tee

This Cooter's Garage Dukes of Hazzard tee advertises the shop of the best mechanic in all of Hazzard County. The circular logo appears on the chest with the name of the garage in white text. Below the logo also in white text is the location of the shop, Hazzard County. "Crazy Cooter" is his CB handle that he uses when talking to Bo and Luke. Link to: Cooter's Garage Dukes of Hazzard

Dukes of Hazzard General Lee 01Daisy Dukes of Hazzard General Lee 01

The white Daisy Dukes of Hazzard t-shirt shown on the left is the perfect tribute to the classic TV show and Bo and Luke's attractive cousin. The front features the General Lee's number, "01", with the name Daisy printed underneath. In addition to the 01, a Confederate flag design originally appeared on the car's roof. Grab your keys and hit the road in this exciting piece of merchandise that let's everyone know that you're a good old boy, or girl. Buy this tee with a matching Dukes of Hazzard model car. Link to: Daisy Dukes of Hazzard General Lee 01

Boar's Nest t-shirtsBoar's Nest t-shirt

Go bar hopping in this white cotton T that features a brown Boar's Nest logo on the front. The design includes the bar name, the location, and a charging brown boar. The basement of this Hazzard County watering hole has an escape tunnel, which was used by the Hogg and Duke families during their days of shine running. These Boar's Nest Dukes of Hazzard t-shirts are available in other styles, including baby and kids apparel. Check out the matching hats. Link to: Boar's Nest

Dukes of Hazzard General Lee t-shirtDukes of Hazzard "General Lee" t-shirt

This humorous black tee features the man himself, General Robert E. Lee, wearing an 01 General Lee t-shirt. Despite there being no TVs back then, the leader of the Confederate Army was surely a Duke boy at heart. Instead of riding in a 1969 Charger, the General was known for riding on his famous horse named Traveller. This attractive and funny piece of Dukes of Hazzard merchandise is available in a variety of colors and sizes. Link to: Dukes of Hazzard "General Lee"

Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Toy cars, Model, Diecast, and Matchbox carsGeneral Lee Dukes of Hazzard Model Cars, General Lee Diecast Toy Cars

These collectible Dukes of Hazzard toy cars are available in the form of diecast replicas and models. The latter allows you to assemble your own 1969 Dodge Charger General Lee model kit. In addition to the classic General Lee diecast toys, you'll also find a Daisy Duke toy Jeep and Rosco P. Coltrane's 1977 Dodge Monaco diecast police car. Link to: General Lee Dukes of Hazzard Model Cars, General Lee Diecast Toy Cars

General Lee Dukes of Hazzard hatsGeneral Lee Dukes of Hazzard Hats

Cap off your favorite t-shirt from our gallery with a General Lee hat, including those pictured here. In addition to hats celebrating Bo and Luke's car, there are also other options like Cooter's Towing hats, Hazzard County Driving School and Boar's Nest hats. Wear one as you imagine yourself sliding across hoods, jumping through car windows and cruising the dusty back roads of Hazzard County. Link to: General Lee Dukes of Hazzard Hats



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