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In 1971, author and illustrator Roger Hargreaves published a children's book called Mr. Tickle that he had written for his son Adam. This ended up being the first of over forty Mr. Men books featuring simple but endearing characters that eventually made him famous. After Roger's sudden death in 1988, his son began adding to the collections including the Little Miss series. Remember their work with our gallery of Mr. Men t-shirts and merchandise including the Mr. Bump shirt, Mr. Perfect tee, Mr. Happy, Strong, and Mr. Grumpy t-shirt. Get them for yourself and pair them off with a Hargreaves book or a stuffed Mr. Men plush toy figure.
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Mr. Cool teeMr. Cool t-shirt

The first Mr. Men book that Adam Hargreaves wrote and illustrated entirely by himself was Mr. Cool. What is the coolest thing you have ever seen? For a little boy named Jack who is stuck at home ill in bed, it is when a strange triangular blue character appears at his window, snaps his fingers and magically transports him onto an airplane. If you are familiar with the story, you know the adventures don't end there. As an added bonus, Jack is back in good health at the end of the day. Needless to say, that would be the coolest thing I've ever seen. Snag this Mr. Cool t-shirt if you think the title fits you. Link to: Mr. Cool

Mr. Strong teeMr. Strong t-shirt

If you've read this Roger Hargreaves book before, then you know that Mr. Strong gets his power from eating dozens of eggs. His strength seems like a curse, until one day when he saves a burning farm by filling a barn up with water and pouring it over the fire. If you work out like crazy in hopes of getting muscles like his, grab this Mr. Strong t-shirt. If the gym isn't you, then see our other Mr. Men shirts. Link to: Mr. Strong

Mr. Perfect teeMr. Perfect t-shirt

If you are a perfect man or you have found the perfect man, then this Mr. Perfect t-shirt is simply perfect! He proves this at his birthday party when Mr. Clumsy breaks all his plates, Mr. Uppity demands not to be bored, Mr. Mean gives him a lump of coal and Mr. Greedy eats his entire birthday cake. He overcomes it all though with stellar manners. For the not quite perfect people, we have a variety of other Mr. Men tees available, including the Mr. Messy t-shirt and Mr. Grumpy shirt below. If you want to try to be Mr. Perfect, then get a Mr. Men plush for your special someone. Link to: Mr. Perfect

Mr. Bump teeMr. Bump t-shirt

If you are accident prone like I am then you can relate to Mr. Bump. He hurts himself day in and day out whether he is at work, at home or on vacation. Eventually he realizes that you can make anything a positive and gets a job that suits his "abilities" well. Remind people that you can turn any situation around with this Mr. Bump t-shirt. Also grab a Mr. Bump plush to squeeze the next time you get hurt. Link to: Mr. Bump

Mr. Funny teeMr. Funny t-shirt

If you were known as the class clown or your friends look for you to cheer them up, then this Mr. Funny t-shirt is for you. In this Mr. Men book, our lead character makes everyone laugh with his shoe shaped car and backwards comments, but apparently funny faces are his forte. This true skill is demonstrated when he is able to cheer up every sick animal in the zoo solely through his facial distortions. If you wish this sounded like you but it doesn't, then check out the rest of our Mr. Men t-shirts. You might prefer the Mr. Grumpy t-shirt below or other Mr. Men clothing. Link to: Mr. Funny

Mr. Happy teeMr. Happy t-shirt

Get this Mr. Happy t-shirt to celebrate his accomplishment of transforming Mr. Miserable into a happy peppy person by inviting him to live with him in Happyland. Being exposed to the cheer, Mr. Miserable was quickly able to beat the blues and love life. To spread a little cheer yourself, pick up a Mr. Men plush or a Mr. Cool t-shirt for a friend who has made a difference in your life. Link to: Mr. Happy

Mr. Tall teeMr. Tall t-shirt

Everyone has a part of their body that they don't like. For most people it is their nose, hair or stomach, but for Mr. Tall it is his extra long legs. In this Roger Hargreaves book, Mr. Tall learns that everything can either be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Some people wish they had what you have (I wish I had extra long legs). If tall is your type then get this Mr. Men tee. If you like muscles then grab a Mr. Strong t-shirt today. Link to: Mr. Tall

Mr. Grumpy teeMr. Grumpy t-shirt

Not everyone can be nice and pleasant all the time, just ask Mr. Grumpy. He has a bad attitude and a short temper that is often taken out on books. He rips all the pages out of every book that he comes in contact with, until Mr. Happy comes along. He calls on his friend Mr. Tickle to help him turn that frown upside down. While it doesn't stop him completely, he shows a vast improvement. If you aren't a fan of reading either then get this Mr. Grumpy t-shirt to add to your collection of tees. If he ruined all of your Mr. Men books, then get replacements to pair with your Mr. Men clothing. Link to: Mr. Grumpy

Mr. Messy teeMr. Messy t-shirt

This Mr. Messy t-shirt features the most unorganized Mr. Men character of them all. He even looks messy compared to the others...similar to a pink yarn ball. It isn't until an intervention by Mr. Neat and Mr. Tidy that some cleanliness enters his life. They are able to clean his home and convince him to bathe, putting him on a more pleasant path. If you don't mind a big mess or even a little mess, then grab this tee today. It is bound to get a few laughs out of friends and family. If this sounds like the opposite of you, then check out the Mr. Perfect t-shirt and Mr. Happy tees displayed here. Link to: Mr. Messy

Mr. Busy teeMr. Busy t-shirt

Do you want to show everyone what a happy and busy guy you are? This Mr. Men shirt featuring Mr. Happy's friend Mr. Busy is an adorable advertisement for your easygoing busybody personality. Just like we hope that you find all the happiness that you are looking for in life, we hope you have found all that you are looking for here. Keep the series strong and yourself busy by getting the Mr. Men books or a Mr. Men plush for your enjoyment. Link to: Mr. Busy

Mr. Men Plush ToysMr. Men Plush Toys

This assortment of Mr. Men plush dolls has something for everyone, whether you are often in a bad mood like Mr. Grumpy, you like to work out like Mr. Strong, or you are notoriously clumsy like Mr. Bump. Give one as a gift to a friend whose personality reminds you of a certain Roger Hargreaves character. Collect all of the Mr. Men stuffed animals and share with everyone the stories behind the characters. Link to: Mr. Men Plush Toys



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