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The Walking Dead TV show on AMC fittingly debuted on Halloween night 2010. The Walking Dead comic books by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard feature a variety of characters struggling to survive after a zombie apocalypse. Led by sheriff Rick Grimes, the survivors search for a safe haven from the encroaching zombie hoards. If these decaying creatures make your skin crawl, peruse our gallery of The Walking Dead t-shirts and merchandise like the Rick Grimes t-shirt, zombie comic book tee and AMC Walking Dead costumes.
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Walking Dead Logo teeThe Walking Dead Logo t-shirt

The design on this clothing item features the familiar TV show logo. Wear it to watch Rick Grimes take an axe to the head of an attacking zombie in the episode titled "Guts". It's the episode where Glenn and Rick attempt to get past a crowd of zombies by covering themselves in the blood, guts and body parts of a recently deceased member of the walking dead. Instead of covering yourself in blood and guts, this symbolic logo tee might help due the trick.

Michonne The Walking Dead shirtSkywalking Dead t-shirt

Since the show premiered, people can't wait to get their hands on their very own AMC The Walking Dead shirt. This unique Skywalking Dead design combines Michonne, one of the TV show's zombie slayers, with Star Wars. The comic style appearance lends itself to fans of all of the different series mediums, including The Walking Dead books, comics and AMC television show. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading the books or comics yet, then be sure to do some catching up before you watch the next season.

The Walking Dead Zombies t-shirtThe Walking Dead Zombies t-shirt

These three zombies are a great example of the exemplary makeup jobs seen in The Walking Dead series on AMC. In fact, all of the zombies throughout the show have really appeared to be decaying, despite the fact that they are still moving like the living. It takes a lot of skill, makeup and special effects to pull that off. If the artistry of it all makes your jaw drop like this lady's, then snag The Walking Dead tee today. Keep watching for more of their makeup magic in the upcoming episodes.

Walking Dead Comic shirtThe Walking Dead Comic t-shirt

The Walking Dead comic book t-shirt features memorable faces from the comic, including various zombies. To see them in action for yourself, check out the Walking Dead comics and books. You'll find that Volume 8: Made to Suffer, Book Four and the Compendium all contain the story on which the TV show is based. Don't get sidetracked though and forget to pick up a Walking Dead zombie t-shirt to wear while you are enjoying your new reading material.

The Walking Dead teeThe Walking Dead Michonne t-shirt

If some of The Walking Dead shirts are a little gorier than you would like, this silhouette style Michonne design offers a more subtle, yet highly effective, depiction of the scene from the end of season two. Yes, the zombies Michonne is walking have no jaws or arms, but the gore is hidden in the darkness of the design. Pick one up for yourself and some of the Walking Dead comics for your best friend or vice versa. Any of these items would make a great gift for someone that shares an affinity for all things horror, including the Drew Struzan Walking Dead poster art.

Walking Dead Costumes and MasksWalking Dead Costumes and Masks

If you've have ever dreamed of being a zombie or that you were being chased by zombies, then these Walking Dead Halloween costumes, masks and latex prosthetics will give you the look that you're after. If you fancy yourself a zombie hunter then pick up a child, teen or adult Sheriff Rick Grimes costume. If you enjoy the gorier side of the TV show, then The Walking Dead zombie costumes, masks and prosthetics will give you that living dead look that will turn heads, while making it appear as if your own is going to fall off.

Walking Dead Welcome to Woodbury t-shirtWelcome to Woodbury t-shirt

When the world has gone through a zombie apocalypse, who can you trust? Sure, a sheriff from the former life might fit the bill, or even Daryl Dixon and his trusty crossbow. However, the "lucky" ones have taken refuge in the walled town of Woodbury. Little do they realize the town's leader, who the people call the Governor, is a sadistic tyrant who ruthlessly kills both zombies and humans. Instead of a Rick Grimes t-shirt, consider one of these Welcome to Woodbury Walking Dead tees, which will let others know that you have been to the zombie free community.

Daryl Dixon shirtI Love Daryl Dixon tee

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) has plenty reason to be upset. After all, his brother was left behind in the city when deputy Rick Grimes and a group of fellow survivors were surrounded by a hoard of zombies. The chip on Daryl's shoulder is obvious, but he thankfully turns his aggression toward the walkers instead of the crew. Armed with a crossbow, Daryl Dixon pierces the walking dead with the precision of a skilled marksman and the silence of an accomplished hunter.

The Walking Dead Hershel Barn shirtHershel's Zombie Storage t-shirt

Pair this funny Hershel's barn design with the AMC Walking Dead Poster shirt below or the Drew Struzan poster art from the hit series. They all highlight one of the best attributes of the show, the bloodthirsty zombies. Who doesn't love zombies nowadays? Oh yeah...Rick Grimes, Shane, Dale, Carl, Andrea, Glenn and the rest of them. Well, if you enjoy them or simply enjoy watching the group try to escape their grasp, get your merchandise today. Check out The Walking Dead Halloween costumes to join the undead.

Walking Dead AMC teeThe Walking Dead Blood Logo t-shirt

There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead logo t-shirt shown here reminds us of the cowboy hat clad sheriff, riding into town on a horse as he did in the first freakish episode. Unfortunately for him, the city seems more like a ghost town rather than the shelter for the living that he expected, but he quickly finds out it is even worse than that, it is infested with zombies. This poor country boy has no idea what hit him. This is the new version of the old AMC poster art tee.

Walken Dead t-shirtThe Walken Dead t-shirt

This creative and hilarious parody design is based on the popular POYKPAC comedy skit called The Walken Dead. In the video, a virus plagues our civilization, destroying all parts of the brain except for the part that controls basic motor functions and the part that stores Christopher Walken quotes. As a result, the zombies walk the earth in search of brains and cowbell, while at the same time spouting out famous Christopher Walken quotes.

Walking Dead Zombie shirtWalking Dead Horde t-shirt

If you are ready to get your hands on one of these zombie covered AMC Walking Dead t-shirts then you aren't alone. The center zombie is reminiscent of the torso woman that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) saw dragging herself along the streets and eventually killed in an effort to aid her. This zombie girl also reminds us of Carol's daughter walking out of the barn. Be sure to check out the Walking Dead costumes and other merchandise in the gallery. Fans love it all, so grab a comic tee for a friend as a pleasant present. Everything is to die to speak.



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