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The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia TV show is a breakout comedy series on the FX Network about a group of arrogant friends that own Paddy's Irish Pub. The cast includes a variety of personalities, including Charlie Day who plays Charlie Kelly, an unhappy loser; Glenn Howerton who plays Dennis Reynolds, an intelligent womanizer; and Rob McElhenney who plays Mac, an acceptance seeking jerk. Follow the wacky episodes in a Paddy's Irish Pub t-shirt, Greenman costume, or comic It's Always Sunny t-shirts and merchandise. Rounding out the cast are veteran actor Danny DeVito and the attractive actress Kaitlin Olson.
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Paddy's Irish Pub shirtPaddy's Irish Pub t-shirt

Paddy's Irish Pub in South Philadelphia...the infamous watering hole of the Sunny gang. While it is near and dear to the co-owners hearts, it's not for everyone. After being labeled the worst bar in Philadelphia by a newspaper critic, the pub has a long way to go to become the best. Stop down, chug a few pints and help them get back on their feet. Grab a Paddy's Pub t-shirt to promote! Link to: Paddy's Irish Pub

Mac's Beer t-shirtMac's Bear Deer Beer t-shirt

What do you get when you cross a bear with a deer? You get a beer of course. Wear Mac's Beer t-shirt from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as you sip your favorite beverage while listening to Electric Dream Machine. The eighties inspired band hails from sunny Philadelphia. Dennis Reynolds' lead vocals are perfect with backup singer Charlie Kelly. Pair this bear + deer = beer design with an Electric Dream Machine t-shirt or pair it with an It's Always Sunny Dayman shirt for the perfect combination. Link to: Mac's Bear Deer Beer

It's Always Sunny Mac Riot teeIt's Always Sunny Mac Riot t-shirt

Frank, Denny, Dee, Charlie and Mac...the entire It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast is definitely a riot. Not only does Mac's Riot t-shirt shown here support this notion, it also matches his disruptive personality. Now you have the opportunity to start a riot with this official limited edition Mac clothing item. Wear it as you enjoy the current season or get pumped up on reruns. We don't advise spewing lies or insults at everyone like Mac, only if it's the McPoyles. Show off your excitement for this It's Always Sunny t-shirt but try not to start a riot. Link to: It's Always Sunny Mac Riot

Charlie Day Horse shirtCharlie's Horse t-shirt

If you have seen the hysterical FX TV show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, then you probably recognize this black horse tee that has been worn in numerous episodes, including the famous Dayman episode. While Mac's shirts are great, this stallion tee has been a staple in Charlie Day's wardrobe since season one. While it is not accompanied by Charlie's stench, it's almost identical. Since impersonation is the sincerest form of flattery, grab this black stallion tee ASAP. Remember, you don't have to act like Charlie Day to look like him. Link to: Charlie's Horse

Paddy's Pub sweatshirt hoodiePaddy's Pub hoodie

Wear your favorite Charlie Day or Mac t-shirt under this Paddy's Pub hoodie sweatshirt, which is a great addition to your It's Always Sunny merchandise and shirt collection. Like the tees, this hoodie will have you repeating Mac's (Rob McElhenney) quotes from the TV show that he often says when he's doing his day to day work at Paddy's Pub or pulling an idiotic stunt. This Paddy's It's Always Sunny hoodie is the perfect complement to your favorite t-shirt from the show. You can even wear it over a Greenman costume to help you stay warm when it's chilly. Link to: Paddy's Pub hoodie

Kitten Mittens It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia teeIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Kitten Mittens t-shirt

This It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia t-shirt is sure to get some laughs. Does your cat make too much noise? If so, you need to get your little pal kitten mittens. The little paw silencers are promoted on the show by Charlie Kelly. Apparently he has had a lifelong struggle with cats. This tee is the next best thing to actually seeing them on a cat. The design features the Charlie Kelly quote, as well as a furry feline wearing a pair of kitten mittens. For some reason, cats don't seem to be as enthused. Link to: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Kitten Mittens

South Philly Pub Crawl teeSouth Philly Pub Crawl t-shirt

Irish kick ass! Yeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh! I can hear you yelling it in a bar...drunk...can't you? This tee is perfect for a night of revelry. After a few pints in South Philadelphia at Paddy's Irish Pub, you will be prepared to rock this South Philly Pub Crawl t-shirt alongside Mac (Rob McElhenney). Mac and the gang will show you a good time. Create your own luck and grab this tee today. Link to: South Philly Pub Crawl

Always Sunny Hell Yeah t-shirtsIt's Always Sunny Hell Yeah t-shirts

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has already made a name for itself. If your favorite Always Sunny cast member is Mac, then this Mac Hell Yeah wrestle tee should be a perfect fit. Wear it when you watch the diabolical father Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito), self absorbed ladies' man Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton), talentless ditz Dee Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson), pathetic loser Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day) or the acceptance seeking jerk himself, Mac (Rob McElhenney). These black Hell Yeah It's Always Sunny t-shirts are sure to catch everyone's eyes on the street...or in the pub. Get this cool merchandise. Link to: It's Always Sunny Hell Yeah

Greenman Costume It's Always SunnyGreenman Costume

The Always Sunny Greenman costume has become a cult sensation among fans of the hit TV show. The creator and star of the FX TV series, Rob McElhenney, talked about the origins of the Greenman suit during a college speaking appearance. He explained that a friend of his regularly wore the costume to an Eagles football game, calling himself The Greenman. Fans around the world have been spotted wearing the costume. Purchase it with a Paddy's Pub shirt. Link to: Greenman Costume

Nightman Cometh t-shirtThe Nightman Cometh t-shirt

Charlie Kelly's (Charlie Day) debut attempt at songwriting began with "The Nightman," which he then followed with his surprise hit song "Dayman". He later decided to turn "The Nightman" into a rock opera in the episode titled "The Nightman Cometh", which provided the inspiration for this tee. Wear your Nightman Cometh shirt as you practice for your part in Charlie Kelly's musical. Pair it with a classic black Dayman t-shirt that boasts the song title and some rocking Dayman lyrics. Link to: The Nightman Cometh

Always Sunny Flipadelphia t-shirtIt's Always Sunny Flipadelphia t-shirts

Prepare yourself for the Always Sunny Flipadelphia flip cup tournament. Ten years ago the gang was banned from the flip cup competition after they poisoned their rival bar. The ban has since been lifted and Mac, Dennis, Dee, Frank and the rest of the crew are free to reenter the flip cup tournament. If you like to play the game, these Flipadelphia It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia t-shirts will represent your team well and soak up your beer too. Wear them to utter drunken quotes from Always Sunny as you dominate your own flip cup Flipadelphia tournament. Link to: It's Always Sunny Flipadelphia

It's Always Sunny Greenman teeGreenman t-shirt

We see the Greenman suit in the "Invincible" episode where the gang makes fun of people at a fantasty camp who believe that they are actually going to make the NFL. During the episode, a mind-altered Charlie Kelly dons his Greenman costume and dances with the McPoyles. Actor Rob McElhenney said in an interview that the idea for Greenman came from his friend who used to wear the costume to Eagles football games. Pair this with a green Paddy's Pub t-shirt or a Sub_Urban Riot tee for the ultimate It's Always Sunny merchandise combination. Link to: Greenman

Faces t-shirtIt's Always Sunny Faces t-shirt

This faces cast tee is perfect to wear when you and your friends are doing a chorus of Charlie's song Dayman. Although we do not suggest that you or your friends wear the low-cut silver spandex suit, we do encourage you to rock out like no one is watching. Pair it with an official charcoal grey Dayman t-shirt that boasts the lyrics to the unexpected hit song. Grab this official It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia tee and celebrate the cast. Link to: It's Always Sunny Faces

It's Always Sunny Mac teeMac Project Bad Ass t-shirt

Project Bad Ass is the name Mac uses to refer to the videos that he has been creating of himself doing incredibly lame stunts. He shows the videos to Dennis and other members of the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast. Mac (Rob McElhenney) suspects that his longtime friend Charlie doesn't like the videos. Support Mac's stunt work by sporting this black It's Always Sunny shirt that displays an image of the character. Link to: Mac Project Bad Ass



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