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Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirts

A cult favorite, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas movie tells the story of Jack Skellington, a respected entertainer in Halloween Town, who opens a portal to Christmas Town. Impressed by Christmas, Jack (a.k.a. The Pumpkin King) decides to usurp the role of Santa Claus and take over the holiday. This includes taking on the job of delivering presents on Christmas Eve. Here, we honor the movie with a gallery of Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirts and costumes. Browse the Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt and more.
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Pumpkin King t-shirt
Jack Skellington Scream tee
Description: Step into The Scream Pumpkin King Jack Skellington t-shirt that features an image of the ghoulishly frightening Pumpkin King on the front screaming as he holds his mouth open. It was inspired by expressionist artist Edvard Munch's 1890s painting The Scream. Jack is the object of Sally's affection despite the fact that she disagrees with his attempts to inject the spirit of Christmas into the culture of Halloween Town. After Lock, Shock, and Barrel deliver Santa to the lair of Oogie Boogie, Sally attempts to free Santa, only to be captured by the gambling-addicted bogeyman. Look for The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington costumes in the gallery. Link to: Jack Skellington Scream

Jack's Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt
Jack's Nightmare t-shirt
Description: This Nightmare Before Christmas tee displays a silhouette image of Jack trapped in his own nightmare. Mr. Skellington is sitting on Oogie Boogie's head as the mischievous Lock, Shock, and Barrel play below. Perhaps he is pondering how to save Sally, the girl he adores. Sally is a rag doll and a fellow resident of Halloween Town, who fears that Jack's plans to adopt Christmas and impose its culture on the residents of Halloween Town will become disastrous. This piece of merchandise displays an image inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas movie poster art. Link to: Jack's Nightmare

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally tee
There's Something in the Wind t-shirt
Description: The design covering the front of this Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Tim Burton t-shirt displays a wonderfully creative depiction of Sally, the love interest of Halloween Town entertainer Jack Skellington. Wear this colorful dark tee and pay tribute to Sally and her Pumpkin King, who discovers that trying to mix Halloween and Christmas is like trying to mix oil and water. Wear these Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirts and pretend that you live in Halloweentown. Link to: There's Something in the Wind

Jack Skellington hoodie
Nightmare Before Christmas Hoodies
Description: The front of this pullover or zip-up Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie features an inked version of Jack Skellington's face. Purchase this movie design on a Jack Skellington hoodie or get it on a Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt. If you still can't get enough Skellington, purchase the Jack Skellington mask displayed below. Then, all that you'll need to find is your pet ghost dog named Zero. You can start by looking for his small glowing nose. Just promise us that you won't open a portal to Christmas Town. Link to: Nightmare Before Christmas Hoodies

Lock, Shock, and Barrel Nightmare Before Christmas
Halloween Road t-shirt
Description: If you find joy in cobwebs, bats, and mischief, then this Lock, Shock, Barrel and Jack tee will make a nice addition to your collection of Nightmare Before Christmas apparel. Lock, Shock, and Barrel are a group of young, ill-behaved trick-or-treaters, who often work as Oogie Boogie's henchmen. Jack assigns them to abduct Santa and bring him back to Halloween Town. Order this Abbey Road inspired tee with a Jack Skellington t-shirt to start your Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas apparel collection. Despite his name being attached to the title, Tim Burton did not direct the movie. Link to: Halloween Road

Jack Skellington Costume
Jack Skellington Costume and Masks
Description: Pretend you're the Pumpkin King in this Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas costume. The outfit includes Jack's jacket, ascot, distinctive bow tie, and character mask. (Pants, gloves, and shoes NOT included.) The jacket is available in a variety of sizes, including Teen, Adult, and Adult Plus. The Jack Skellington mask may need to be purchased separately, depending on the costume you choose. You'll be well prepared to battle Oogie Boogie when you're wearing this disguise. Pair it with Sally (below) for a great couples costume. Link to: Jack Skellington Costume and Masks

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Costume
Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Costume
Description: Win the heart of the Jack Skellington in your life in this Nightmare Before Christmas Sally costume that includes a patchwork print dress with a long red wig and glovelettes. Tell your friends that you are the beautiful product of Doctor Finklestein, the mad scientist who creates the skeleton-like reindeer for Jack. Just be careful if you decide to go creeping around the lair of Oogie Boogie. This officially licensed Nightmare Before Christmas Disney costume is also available in an Adult Plus size. Link to: Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Costume

Sally Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirts and hoodie
My Seasonal Romance Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt
Description: These Jack Skellington and Sally Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirts were inspired by the cover of the My Chemical Romance album "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge". Rock Halloween Town in this design that features Jack, Sally and the title, "Three Cheers for Sandy Claws". In the eighties, Disney considered evolving Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas project into a short film or a TV special. The project faded away until 1990, when Burton and Disney finally committed to produce a full-length film. Henry Selick signed on to direct, due to Tim Burton's prior commitments. Link to: My Seasonal Romance Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas Saints of Nicholas t-shirt
Saints of Nicholas
Description: This impressive Jack Skellington Saints of Nicholas tee was inspired by Sons of Anarchy. Wear it while blasting Korn's "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" song as you attempt to snatch the reigns of the holiday from old Saint Nick. The design displays a logo for the Saints of Nicholas, Halloween Town's newest gang. Pair it with a costume Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt that displays Jack Skellington's suit jacket, complete with his bat bowtie. Either will impress your Sally. Link to: Saints of Nicholas

jack skellington t-shirt
I'm Only An Elected Official tee
Description: If you're looking for something other than the standard Jack Skellington t-shirt, this design captures one of the movie's funniest moments. It displays the Mayor, who has come to Jack's door to go over the plans for next Halloween. Frustrated that Jack isn't answering his door, the Mayor exclaims, "Jack, please, I'm only an elected official here. I can't make decisions by myself!" Wear it to hang out with your friends Lock, Shock, Barrel and Jack's ghost dog Zero. This tee is perfect for fans of the animated movie who understand how much the quote pertains to real-life politicians as well. Wear it under your Nightmare Before Christmas costume for a spooky combination. See the gallery for Jack Skellington masks and other merchandise. Link to: I'm Only An Elected Official

Surf Nightmare Before Christmas
Surf Before Christmas
Description: Forget about having a Nightmare Before Christmas, try surfing before Christmas instead. This design features Jack Skellington catching a familiar looking wave with his pal Zero nearby. It's only a matter of time before Oogie comes along on his Boogie board and tries to steal Jack's wave. Jack will have to stay on his board if he is going to impress Sally. Celebrate the classic Tim Burton movie with this creative design that's perfect for summer. Even the people of Christmas Town like the beach from time to time. Link to: Surf Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas Dolls, Toys, Action Figures
Jack and Sally Dolls, Toys and Figures
Description: You are never too old to play with Nightmare Before Christmas toys and action figures. Sally dolls and Jack Skellington plush figures are at the top of every Tim Burton lover's wish list, as well as any Halloween fanatic's. It is also never too early to get a young fan NBC memorablia to start off their collection right. Together, you can use these unique dolls to reenact all of the movie's most memorable moments of action, mischief and holiday splendor. Link to: Jack and Sally Dolls, Toys and Figures



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