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Napoleon Dynamite T-shirt selection

Directed by Jared Hess, the Napoleon Dynamite movie tells the story of a teenager named Napoleon, whose uncle comes to stay with he and his brother after their grandmother breaks her tailbone riding an ATV. Uncle Rico's presence has a chaotic effect on their lives, nearly ruining Napoleon's relationship with his new friend Deb. Below, we present a selection of flippin' sweet Napoleon Dynamite t-shirts that includes the familiar Vote for Pedro t-shirt, inspired by Pedro's campaign to become class president. Other tees include the Napoleon Dynamite Liger shirt and the gimme some tots tee. Celebrate the movie that made moon boots and tetherball cool again. Also, browse additional merchandise, such as Napoleon Dynamite costumes, wigs, moon boots, hats and other apparel.
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flippin sweet t-shirtFlippin' Sweet! Napoleon Dynamite tee

The word 'flip' is a euphemism that Napoleon uses in place of a much harsher four-letter word. For example, after he learns that his grandma has been injured on an ATV he says, "What the flip was Grandma doing at the sand dunes?" Steer clear of profanity with this Flippin' Sweet Napoleon Dynamite t-shirt, a reflection on the culture of Preston, Idaho. Link to: Flippin' Sweet! Napoleon Dynamite

vote for pedro t-shirtVote for Pedro t-shirt

Pedro Sanchez is new to Preston High, but he's wasting no time in campaigning for Student Body President. You can show your support with this Vote for Pedro t-shirt that is available here as an affordable ringer T. Pedro is running against Summer Wheatly (Haylie Duff), your typical popular, blond elitist. Pedro campaigns with the promise, "Vote for me, and all your wildest dreams will come true." Wear this tee with your wig, glasses, and moon boots for a complete Napoleon Dynamite costume. Link to: Vote for Pedro

liger shirtsLiger shirt

These liger Napoleon Dynamite t-shirts feature an image of Napoleon's favorite animal, the liger. In the movie, Deb questions him about the animal after she sees him drawing one in his notebook. He explains to her, a liger is "like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic." The design on these liger shirts features an image of the animal roaring, complete with a mane and diffuse stripes. Link to: Liger

Napoleon and Pedro Bodyguard ServicesNapoleon & Pedro Bodyguard Services

This Napoleon and Pedro Bodyguard Services t-shirt advertises their new business venture. With the help of Pedro's cousins, they will offer you their protection provided that you vote for Pedro. Are you tired of getting picked on? The Dynamite and Pedro will offer you sweet protection. Gone are the days when bullies try to steal your bike and smash your tots. Link to: Napoleon & Pedro Bodyguard Services

gimme some totsGimme Some of Your Tots t-shirt

This white Napoleon Dynamite t-shirt features the phrase, "Gimme some!" printed on the front of the tee, beneath an image of a pile of Tator Tots (a.k.a. Tots). This is in reference to a scene in the movie where Randy, the school bully, tells Napoleon to give him some Tots. After being told to go find his own, Randy kicks Napoleon's pocket, smashing the Tots. The design on this piece of Napoleon Dynamite merchandise is also available on hats. Link to: Gimme Some of Your Tots

Rex Kwon Do Napoleon Dynamite t-shirtsRex Kwon Do Napoleon Dynamite tee

This Rex Kwon Do Napoleon Dynamite tee advertises the Rex Kwon Do martial arts dojo, where for $300 sensei and ex-ultimate fighter Rex (Diedrich Bader) can train you. In the movie, Uncle Rico tries to sell Rex's wife Starla breast enlargement supplements. Rex considers this an insult and severely beats Rico. Like Liger shirts, Rex's outfit is a great idea for a Napoleon Dynamite costume. Link to: Rex Kwon Do Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite Costumes, Moon Boots and WigsNapoleon Dynamite Costumes, Moon Boots and Wigs

Opt for a complete Napoleon Dynamite outfit or build your own costume with accessories like glasses, wigs and Napoleon moon boots. Choose between the Vote for Pedro costume with matching tee or his more formal outfit that includes a brown jacket with attached vest and light blue tie. Kip and Pedro costumes and accessories are also available but in limited quantities. Link to: Napoleon Dynamite Costumes, Moon Boots and Wigs

Preston High tetherball teePreston High J.V. Tetherball Squad

These bestselling vintage Preston High J.V. Tetherball Squad Napoleon Dynamite t-shirts feature an image of a tetherball pole and ball on the front, along with the group's full title, "Preston High J.V. Tetherball Squad." The back of the tee features the question, "Wanna play me?" printed near the top. Link to: Preston High J.V. Tetherball Squad

I've Got Great SkillsNapoleon Skills tee

The design on the front of this black Napoleon Dynamite t-shirt lets everybody know that you've got great skills, including nunchuck skills, cagefighting skills, bowstaff skills and computer hacking skills. In the middle of the chest is Napoleon listing off the great skills that girlfriends want in a boyfriend. Use the funny Napoleon Dynamite quote that inspired this tee the next time your friends ask for dating advice. Tell them, "Girls like guys with great skills." This tee is the perfect gift to give with the Vote for Pedro t-shirt, which will guarantee that Pedro offers you protection. Link to: Napoleon Skills

sledgehammer bike t-shirtshocks... pegs... LUCKY

This funny Napoleon Dynamite tee features a gray image of Pedro's bike, the Sledgehammer. The name of the bike can be seen on the diagonal part of the frame. Around the bike is the quote Napoleon uses to describe Pedro's two-wheeler. He stares at the bike and says, "Shocks... pegs... Lucky." He then asks Pedro, "You ever take it off any sweet jumps?" This Napoleon Dynamite merchandise item is perfect for fans of the Jon Heder movie or biking. Link to: shocks... pegs... LUCKY

your mom goes to college napoleon shirtsYour Mom Goes to College t-shirt

"Your mom goes to college." Tell it like it is with Kip's quote from Napoleon Dynamite. Pair this funny tee with Napoleon Dynamite Liger shirts, which feature the word "LIGER" and an image of the animal. In the movie, Napoleon describes a liger by saying, "It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic." The flippin' sweet liger tees are available in a variety of colors and styles, including both men's, women's and kids. Wear this design with Napoleon Dynamite hats, boxer shorts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Link to: Your Mom Goes to College

uncle rico's bust must plusUncle Rico's Bust Must Plus tee

"Back in '82, I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile," Uncle Rico tells Kip (Aaron Ruell) in the movie. Not only does Uncle Rico love football, this Napoleon Dynamite t-shirt reveals his passion to help women. This shirt features a design promoting the Bust Must Plus herbal breast enhancers. The design on the front of this tee will catch people's eyes and hopefully make them want to learn more about increasing their breast size the natural way. Link to: Uncle Rico's Bust Must Plus

Napoleon Dynamite t-shirtsYESSSSS Napoleon Dynamite t-shirts

These YESSSSS Napoleon Dynamite t-shirts feature an image of a cow underneath Napoleon's catchphrase, "YESSSSS." In the movie, Napoleon delivers this line at an FFA milk-tasting contest. After drinking from one of the glasses of milk, he says, "This tastes like the cow got into an onion patch." The judge tells him that he is correct, to which he replies, "Yesssss." Link to: YESSSSS Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Gosh t-shirtWhatever I feel like I wanna do, GOSH!

This Napoleon Dynamite tee is available in eight different colors, including black, maroon, and brown. The front of the tee features a cool Napoleon Dynamite quote from the movie. When a kid on Napoleon's bus asks him what he's going to do today, Napoleon replies, "Whatever I feel like I wanna do, Gosh!" Wear this T as part of a flippin' sweet Napoleon Dynamite costume. Link to: Whatever I feel like I wanna do, GOSH!

Kip Napoleon Dynamite t-shirtI've Been Chatting Online With Babes All Day t-shirt

This hilarious Napoleon Dynamite t-shirt features one of Kip's best lines from the movie. "Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day." Now you can wear this tee to let everybody know that you've been chatting online with babes all day too. The front of these Ts feature a simple ink rendering of a computer, which sits next to the movie quote, "I've been chatting online with babes all day." Buy this tee along with one of the cool liger shirts shown above. Link to: I've Been Chatting Online With Babes All Day



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