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Based on a story by Steven Spielberg, The Goonies tells the tale of a group of kids living in the "Goon Docks" section of Astoria, Oregon, which has been scheduled for demolition to make room for a golf course. In order to save their neighborhood, the Goonies go on an adventure to find the hidden treasure of a 17th century pirate named One-Eyed Willie. Below, you'll find an assortment of Goonies t-shirts that commemorate the movie and its unique characters. The tees include the Goonies Truffle Shuffle Chunk t-shirt, the One Eyed Willie tee and the Sloth Goonies t-shirt. Never say die in a Goonies hoodie sweatshirt, or browse for other movie items like Goonies hats, action figures and Sloth costume masks.
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the goonies t-shirt
The Goonies Movie Logo t-shirt
Description: The front of this tee displays the Goonies movie logo. The logo features the movie title underneath a silhouette image of the young Goonies cast holding hands with Sloth, the deformed Fratelli brother who becomes friends with Chunk (Jeff Cohen). This officially licensed bestselling tee is a classic tribute to the movie that put Astoria, Oregon on the map. Browse through to see the attractive women's version. You'll be ready to start your own search for pirate ships and lost treasure. Link to: The Goonies Movie Logo

truffle shuffle chunk t-shirt
Truffle Shuffle Chunk t-shirt
Description: The truffle shuffle is the name of a dance performed by Chunk (Jeff Cohen) in the Goonies movie. Clark "Mouth" Devereaux (Corey Feldman) makes Chunk perform the dance before letting him into the Walsh house. The truffle shuffle consists of Chunk lifting his shirt up and jiggling his stomach while making a gurgling sound. The officially licensed Truffle Shuffle Chunk t-shirt on the left displays a color movie still of Chunk in mid-shuffle. The Goonies movie logo is displayed at the bottom of the design. The title, "Truffle Shuffle," appears below the pic. Link to: Truffle Shuffle Chunk

goonies never say die t-shirts
Goonies Never Say Die t-shirt
Description: Mikey Walsh (Sean Astin) yells the famous line in the movie, "Goonies never say die!" Now you can show your Goonie spirit with this Never Say Die Goonies t-shirt. The front of the tee displays a skull and anchor design with the Goonies movie quote on the anchor. The design shown above can be purchased on a variety of light and dark Ts. Wear it with Goonies hats. Link to: Goonies Never Say Die

sloth goonies costume
Sloth Goonies Costume
Description: In addition to showcasing the most sought after Goonies t-shirts, this Sloth costume will have you repeating the Sloth Goonies quote, "Hey you guys!" in no time. Embody the beloved Goonies movie character who responds to Chunk's kindness and eventually helps to defend the Goonies. The criminal Fratelli brothers (including Sloth) and the kids from the Goon Docks search for the hidden treasure of the 17th century pirate, One Eyed Willie, who hid his treasure along the Astoria, Oregon coast. Link to: Sloth Goonies Costume

lighthouse lounge goonies
Lighthouse Lounge tee
Description: In the Goonies movie, Mikey Walsh (Sean Astin), Mouth (Corey Feldman), Data (Jonathan Ke Quan) and the rest of the gang explore the run down Lighthouse Lounge. They find adventure both inside the abandoned restaurant and beneath it. Stop by for their world famous Chunk Burger and lighthouse souvenir. You're going to need a good meal to give you energy to search for One Eyed Willie's treasure. Practice Mikey's speech that ends with the Goonies movie quote, "Down here it's our time!" Link to: Lighthouse Lounge

Sloth Loves Chunk t-shirt
Sloth and Chunk t-shirt
Description: This Sloth and Chunk t-shirt pays homage to the unlikely friendship that develops between the Goonie Chunk (Jeff Cohen) and the deformed Fratelli brother named Sloth (John Matuszak). Chunk treats Sloth with kindness, which is uncharacteristic of Sloth's abusive brothers and mother. The front of this Sloth Loves Chunk Goonies t-shirt features a design inspired by Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Link to: Sloth and Chunk

Silhouette Goonies tee
Goonies Silhouette t-shirt
Description: The front of these tees display the familiar logo from the Goonies movie poster art featuring a silhouette of the Goonies and Chunk. The actual poster features the kids inside of the cave with a pile of treasure in front of them and One Eyed Willie's ship in the background. Mama Fratelli (Anne Ramsey) is creeping up behind them with her eyes on the treasure. One Eyed Willie's skull is sitting on top, adorned with a pirate hat. Never say die by pairing this with logo poster art Goonies t-shirts. Link to: Goonies Silhouette

The Goonies Quote t-shirt
The Goonies Never Say Die Quote shirt
Description: Let everybody know that you're a Goonie like Mikey, Chunk, Mouth and Data. The design on this Goonie shirt displays the declaration, "Never say die." It is a playful option perfect for youthful fans of One Eyed Willie's pirate ship explorers. If you enjoyed the movie's secret caves, old lighthouse, lost map, treacherous traps, hidden treasure and beastly Sloth, then you might be worthy of this tee. Just remember, Goonies never say die! Link to: The Goonies Never Say Die Quote

one eyed willie tee
One Eyed Willie's Captain's Wheel
Description: Goonies are always welcome on board when One Eyed Willie is at the helm. This imaginative tee displays One Eyed Willie's skull adorned with an eye patch and positioned at the center of his captain's wheel. The movie's title can be seen above the wheel. Underneath the design is the Goonies quote, "Never say die." This design is an inspiring ode to the 17th century pirate who helped save the Goon Docks. Wear this Goonies t-shirt when you're in the mood for a high seas pirate adventure. Link to: One Eyed Willie's Captain's Wheel

the goonies logo astoria
The Goonies Astoria tee
Description: Never say die when you're wearing this Astoria Goonies tee, which features a distressed logo for the film on the front. The movie quote, "Never say die" appears below the skull and swords. Wear the T to hang out with your friends or as you fight to protect your own Goon Docks. Who knows, a one-eyed pirate's ship and treasure might be buried nearby. Just be weary of the Fratelli brothers and their mother. They're nothing but trouble. Link to: The Goonies Astoria

chunk truffle shuffle costume shirt
Truffle Shuffle Costume Shirt
Description: This Truffle Shuffle Chunk costume shirt announces to everyone that you know how to break-it-down like a true Goonie. Wear the shirt as you perform Chunk's dance, the Truffle Shuffle! The famous dance is performed by rapidly jiggling your exposed stomach fat while making gurgling sounds. Look for Chunk Truffle Shuffle Goonies hats. Link to: Truffle Shuffle Costume

Goonies never say die cast
The Goonies Sunset tee
Description: These dark The Goonies t-shirts feature a silhouette image on the front of the gang in front of the setting sun. Show your support for Sloth's young adventurous friends, The Goonies, who never say die. The movie logo appears in across the chest in a similar gradient as the background. Don't hesitate to repeat your favorite Goonies movie quotes when your wearing this tee. This unique Goonies t-shirt is a great way to show off your adventurous never say die spirit. Link to: The Goonies Sunset

Goonies Figures and Toys
The Goonies Action Figures and Toys
Description: In addition to the more common Sloth figure, you can now get your hands on the individual members of the adventurous gang. Reenact the truffle shuffle with a toy Chunk figure or unleash the Bully Buster glove with a Goonies Data action figure. Round out your collection with Mikey and Mouth, and you'll be ready to take the characters on your own treasure hunting adventures. Link to: The Goonies Action Figures and Toys



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