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The MTV Daria TV show is an animated series that follows a smart, teenage realist named Daria Morgendorffer as she navigates her way through the superficial aspects of high school. Her displeasure with social hierarchy is exacerbated by her popular younger sister Quinn and reinforced by her artsy best friend Jane Lane. If her cynical comments make you smirk, peruse our gallery of MTV Daria t-shirts including the Sick Sad World shirt, Trent's band Mystik Spiral t-shirt and a pink Quinn Morgendorffer costume tee that features a smiley face with a halo on top. This Daria merchandise celebrates the movies and TV series.
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Daria Logo shirtDaria Logo t-shirt

She has her eye on you...don't worry, she watches everyone. How else would she be able to get ammo to criticize people for their indiscretions? If you get a kick out of her observations then snag one of these Daria logo shirts. They are available in a dozen different logo color combinations for men and women. Even the shirt color and type can be adjusted so you can get exactly what you are looking for. The leading lady herself couldn't find anything to criticize regarding this tee. Link to: Daria Logo

Jane Lane t-shirtJane Lane t-shirt

Everyone has a friend to listen to their crazy remarks and Daria is no exception. Meet Jane Lane. Jane is Ms. Morgendorffer's best friend and confidante. They share an interest in watching superficial people make lamebrain comments, and they both resent being forced to participate in activities. Jane's art keeps her occupied while her parents are often away. Watch the duo's action-lacked interaction on the MTV Daria TV show or movies. Link to: Jane Lane

Daria Quinn shirtQuinn Morgendorffer shirt

Although Daria may wish she was an only child, the truth is, she isn't. She has a younger sister named Quinn who is the polar opposite of herself. As shown on this Daria tee, Quinn enjoys looking at herself a lot and is very vain. She takes pride in being a member of Lawndale High School's Fashion Club and spends her spare time trying to give people makeovers. The sisters have decided that the best way to handle being related is to ignore the fact and each other in public. Sounds like a plan. Link to: Quinn Morgendorffer

Sick Sad World shirtSick, Sad World t-shirt

One of Daria and Jane's favorite pastimes is watching the TV show Sick, Sad World. It has off the wall stories like, "He's risen from the grave... and he still won't pay child-support! Undead deadbeat dads" and "Guano see some gutsy climbing? Scaling the world's tallest pile of seagull droppings". If these sound like they would interest you then perhaps this Sick Sad World t-shirt will be right up your alley as well. If not, keep perusing our Daria clothing and merchandise options. Link to: Sick, Sad World

Daria Trent shirtTrent Lane t-shirt

Girls often times have a crush on musicians and so does Daria. This ultra cool Daria shirt features Trent Lane, Jane's older brother and member of the band Mystik Spiral. His laid back, slacker attitude is apparently intriguing to her. To watch his band in action, get the Daria series on DVD. You can even watch it in your Mystik Spiral t-shirt which is available below. If rock music isn't for you, then check out the movies including Daria Is It Fall Yet? or Daria Is It College Yet? Link to: Trent Lane

Daria teeDaria Skull t-shirt

How do you get a football player like Kevin Thompson to be interested in Shakespeare? You inform him that Hamlet has a skull in it! This was her brilliant idea and it is celebrated on this MTV Daria t-shirt. Unfortunately, he was actually supposed to be learning another classic. It is likely that this assistance is her idea of community service. Get the complete Daria TV series DVD to relive these memorable moments. Link to: Daria Skull

Daria Brittany shirtBrittany Taylor t-shirt

The MTV Daria TV show has a lot of fun with stereotypes, especially those of cheerleaders, which are utilized to the fullest. Brittany Taylor is a bleach blonde cheerleader who naturally dates a football player. She rarely understands anything and frequently drifts off into daydreams while twirling her hair. If you know the type and enjoyed watching it occur at Lawndale High, then get this design today. Link to: Brittany Taylor

Quinn Morgendorffer Smiley Face shirtDaria Quinn Costume t-shirt

Have you ever dreamed of being popular? Quinn Morgendorffer has made that dream a reality and even took it a step further by joining the elite Fashion Club. She might as well have to fight off guys with sticks she is so adored. This pink Quinn costume t-shirt featuring a smiley face topped with a halo can be seen throughout the series. Perhaps it will help bring you some popularity as well. Rest assured, this Quinn Morgendorffer smiley shirt is Fashion Club approved! Link to: Daria Quinn Costume

Daria Kevin shirtKevin Thompson Daria t-shirt

In a stereotypical relationship, no cheerleader is complete without her football boyfriend. Meet Kevin Thompson. He is the jock boyfriend of Brittany Taylor. The dimwitted duo provides plenty of entertainment for Daria Morgendorffer and her friend Jane Lane, not to mention everyone else! For more fun times, check out the other MTV Daria cartoon merchandise that you can wear as you enjoy the movies and the TV show. Link to: Kevin Thompson Daria

Mystik Spiral teeMystik Spiral t-shirt

Promote Trent Lane's band with this Mystik Spiral shirt. He sings for the band and plays the guitar. The group plays basically anywhere they can and enjoy their rock 'n roll lifestyle. Don't miss the Sick Sad World t-shirt either as it is also of interest to this Lane. Link to: Mystik Spiral

MTV Daria shirtDaria Silhouette t-shirt

La, la, la, la, la...la, la, la, la la. That theme song is what comes to mind when I look at this Daria t-shirt. This design is plain and simple just like her views on life. Pick from a selection of colors and styles to make it all your own. Take a moment to peruse the DVDs, including the Daria Is It College Yet and Daria Is It Fall Yet movies. Link to: Daria Silhouette



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