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Audiences first met Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. in 1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark, directed by Steven Spielberg. Indiana Jones' leather jacket, trademark Fedora hat, and trusty bull whip helped to create the unique persona of the character, who was played by actor Harrison Ford. Here, we celebrate the legendary professor, adventurer, and cultural icon with a gallery of handpicked Indiana Jones t-shirts. The tees include the Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones t-shirt, the Temple of Doom tee, and the Indiana Jones IV Kingdom of the Crystal Skull t-shirt. Look below for more great Indiana Jones merchandise and movie gear, including hats, bull whips, authentic jackets and Indiana Jones costumes.
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Indiana Jones Snakes t-shirtIndiana Jones' Antidote t-shirt

This funny, bestselling Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom shirt features one of the most memorable quotes from the franchise. After Dr. Jones drinks his martini, Lao Che hands him an antidote. When Indy asks what it's for, Lao Che replies, "For the poison you just drank." Indy then scrambles to get the vial, which goes rolling across the floor. The tee's design displays two antidote vials along with the movie quote. If he didn't find the antidote, there would be no Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Link to: Indiana Jones' Antidote

Chilled Monkey Brains Indiana Jones shirtChilled Monkey Brains t-shirt

This bestselling Indy t-shirt features a Chilled Monkey Brains design surrounded by related elements from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. In the movie, Chilled Monkey Brains are served as dessert at Pankot Palace in India. The soft brains are served in the open head of the monkey. They are served to Indy, Short Round (Jonathan Ke Quan) and Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw). Wear this tee with a classic Indiana Jones Fedora hat and underneath the equally stylish Indy leather jacket. Link to: Chilled Monkey Brains

Whip Indiana Jones t-shirtsJones Whip Co. t-shirt

The front of this cool Indiana Jones tee displays a logo for the Jones Whip Co., makers of superior quality raiders choice whips. For Indy (Harrison Ford), going into the whip making business was a natural fit. Whether he's using his whip to disarm an enemy in Raiders of the Lost Ark or unleashing it to help swing over a gap, Indy fans can celebrate his unique skill with one of these Indiana Jones t-shirts. Wear it during your search for rare Indiana Jones action figures and toys. Link to: Jones Whip Co.

Indiana Jones costumesIndiana Jones Costumes

Relive the adventure with one of these timeless Indiana Jones costumes. Styles include the rugged leather jacket look or the more casual khaki button-up. You can even combine the costume with an Indy tee, including the Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones t-shirt that displays the popular Raiders of the Lost Ark movie poster art. Most fans know that Tom Selleck was originally cast to play Indy. However, due to his contractual commitment to Magnum, P.I. (CBS), he was forced to turn down the role. Steven Spielberg again suggested Harrison Ford and producer George Lucas finally agreed. Link to: Indiana Jones Costumes

Indiana Jones Fedora HatsIndiana Jones Fedora Hats

Dress for adventure with an officially licensed Indiana Jones Fedora hat, available in three styles: weathered cotton, wool felt, and crushable wool felt; shown from top to bottom respectively. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg based Indiana Jones costume and general appearance on an amalgamation of several characters, most notably treasure hunter Fred C. Dobbs (Humphrey Bogart) from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and adventurer Harry Steele (Charlton Heston) from Secret of the Incas. Wear your hat with a rugged Indiana Jones jacket (bull whip optional). Link to: Indiana Jones Fedora Hats

Temple of Doom shirtDr. Jones' Mine Ride of Doom t-shirt

This Indy tee is a tribute to the amusement park like mine cart chase scene from the Temple of Doom. The scene concludes with Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford), Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw) and Short Round (Jonathan Ke Quan) fleeing from the cart as a torrent of water floods the mine. Wear this Indiana Jones shirt to your favorite amusement park. Just be careful of mine themed rides that involve a rickety old cart and water. Pair this with an Indiana Jones IV merchandise item for a timeless, adventure-filled gift. Link to: Dr. Jones' Mine Ride of Doom

Lao Che Air Freight Indiana Jones t-shirtLao Che Air Freight Indiana Jones shirt

The design on these Indiana Jones t-shirts displays a logo for the fictional airline from The Temple of Doom, Lao Che Air Freight. The airline is owned by Lao Che, a Chinese crime lord who nearly kills Indiana Jones by poisoning Indy's drink. Lao Che's men chase Indy to Nang Tao Airport, where he had chartered a plane to get out of Shanghai. The only problem is that the plane belongs to Lao Che Air Freight. Add this to your Indiana Jones gear. Link to: Lao Che Air Freight Indiana Jones

Barnett College t-shirtMarshall College Indy tee

This Marshall College Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Indiana Jones t-shirt promotes the school where Jones worked as a professor in the Crystal Skull movie. The college was named after producer Frank Marshall, who often collaborated with director Spielberg. Wear the tee it as you recite Indiana Jones quotes like, "Don't call me Junior." Indy (Harrison Ford) says this to his father, Dr. Henry Jones Sr. (Sean Connery), after his father calls him Junior. Pair it with a Raiders of the Lost Ark tee or an Indiana Jones IV action figure. Link to: Marshall College Indy

Club Obi Wan Indiana JonesClub Obi Wan Indiana Jones t-shirt

The Temple of Doom opens with Indy in a Shanghai nightclub named Club Obi-Wan, attempting to trade the remains of Nurhaci for a large diamond with a gangster named Lao Che. This unique Indiana Jones tee displays a logo for Club Obi Wan, Lao Che's popular Shanghai hot spot. The club's name is an obvious reference by Star Wars writer George Lucas to the famous Jedi character. Wear this piece of Indy merchandise underneath your Indiana Jones leather jacket. The shirt is a must have for die hard fans of the movies. Link to: Club Obi Wan Indiana Jones

Starcheology Indiana Jones t-shirtsStarcheology t-shirt

This brilliant mind-bending design depicts Indiana Jones making the ultimate discovery, Han Solo frozen in carbonite! It brings together two legendary franchises, Indiana Jones and Star Wars, both featuring Harrison Ford. Wear it with your Indiana Jones Fedora hat or pair it with one of the Last Crusade t-shirts for an adventurous gift. We recommend donning it for an evening at Pankot Palace eating Chilled Monkey Brains for dessert. Indiana is a guest at the palace in The Temple of Doom, and he discovers a vast underground temple beneath Pankot Palace, where children have been enslaved to dig for the precious Sankara stones. Link to: Starcheology

Raiders of the Lost Ark Mash Up t-shirtRaiders of the Lost Ark t-shirt

The Raiders Indy tee on the left displays a creative mash up inspired by the 1982 Raiders of the Lost Ark movie and the popular football team. It features Indiana Jones inside of the team's shield logo. In the movie, Marion Ravenwood and other characters escape the gangsters who attempt to kill Indy on the Lao Che Air Freight plane. Pair it with Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark posters or add an exclusive Lucasfilm t-shirt for the ultimate George Lucas combo. Also, add collectable Indiana Jones figures for the perfect gift for anyone who loves adventure. Link to: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Wested Indiana Jones Jacket PicturedIndiana Jones Leather Jackets

If you're going to wear something over your favorite Crystal Skull Indiana Jones t-shirt, there's nothing better than an Indiana Jones Jacket. Peter Botwright designed the original Indy jacket, and his company, Wested Leather, continues to make authentic replicas in an array of sizes. If you want to go authentic, make sure it was made by Wested when purchasing. Wear one with your Indiana Jones hat for a highly realistic looking Indiana Jones costume. Link to: Indiana Jones Leather Jackets



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