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Boondock Saints t-shirts

Troy Duffy's bullet-filled crime drama Boondock Saints was given an almost non-existent theatrical release and critics overwhelmingly panned the movie. Yet, with the help of DVD rentals and the internet, the movie that tells the story of two vigilante brothers, Connor and Murphy MacManus, has gone on to achieve cult status. Below, you can celebrate your passion for the movie through our selection of Boondock Saints t-shirts and merchandise. The tees include the Veritas Aequitas Boondock Saints t-shirt and the Rosary Cross tee. Display the spirit of the MacManus brothers, Connor and Murphy (Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead), as they fight to rid Boston of the Russian mob. Other merchandise includes the Boondock Saints hoodie sweatshirts and rosary.
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Boondock Saints t-shirt Veritas Aequitas Connor and Murphy

Veritas Aequitas Boondock Saints
Description: This black Boondock Saints t-shirt features a green cross Veritas Aequitas image. The words on the logo mean truth and justice, which is what the MacManus brothers, Connor and Murphy, are fighting to preserve. Their purpose is conveyed through the Boondock Saints prayer quote, "And Shepherds we shall be. For thee, my Lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand, that our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee and teeming with souls shall it ever be. In Nomine..." Link to: Veritas Aequitas Boondock Saints

Guns Aequitas Veritas t-shirt

Boondock Saints Brothers tee
Description: The design on the front of this tee displays the movie title and the main characters who represent the words Veritas and Aequitas, which are tattooed on their hands. A Boondock Saints cross Rosary is normally worn on the wrist of each brother. The word "Veritas" means truth and the word "Aequitas," means justice (or fairplay). These words have their origins in Roman mythology. Support the Irish brothers with this piece of merchandise or one of the Aequitas Veritas Boondock Saints t-shirts below. Link to: Boondock Saints Brothers

Veritas Aequitas Boondock Saints hoodie

Boondock Saints Hoodie
Description: This black Veritas Aequitas Boondock Saints hoodie is the perfect way to stay warm on a chilly day. The pullover hoodie features a classic white Veritas Aequitas design on the front that includes the movie's recognizable cross in the middle. These coveted sweatshirts are hard to find and sure to fulfill your expectations. Click to preview the design in its entirety. The design on these Boondock Saints sweatshirts rivals those on other apparel. Link to: Boondock Saints Hoodie

photo Boondock Saints t-shirts

Boondock Saints MacManus Brothers
Description: This Murphy and Connor Boondock Saints t-shirt displays an image of the two brothers in a shootout. The perspective of the picture makes it seem as if the MacManus brothers are standing over the observer of the image. Murphy and Connor (Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery) are wearing black coats. They are standing with their guns drawn ready to defend justice as soon as they recite the Boondock Saints prayer. Look for similar Boondock hoodies. Link to: Boondock Saints MacManus Brothers

Boondock Saints Necklace Rosary Cross

Boondock Saints Rosary Necklace and Celtic Cross
Description: If you are looking for a unique collectible or are trying to create a realistic Bookdock Saints costume, this hand-crafted Boondock Saints cross and rosary necklace is a good start. There are a variety of handmade options to choose from, with some offering better quality than others. Review the seller's descriptions and customer comments before buying. Pay attention to the wood quality of the Celtic Cross, the staining process and the quality of the beads in the necklace. It works great as part of a Boondock Saints Halloween Costume. Link to: Boondock Saints Rosary Necklace and Celtic Cross

Veritas Aequitas t-shirt

Veritas Aequitas Truth Justice t-shirt
Description: The front of this black cotton Boondock Saints tee features the word "Veritas" printed across the chest in white font. This term means "truth" according to Roman mythology, referring to Veritas, the goddess of truth and daughter of Saturn. The front of the T also reads, "Aequitas", which refers to the goddess Aecetia, who was the goddess of fair trade and honest merchants. Represent the MacManus brothers' battle for truth and justice with one of these Boondock Saints t-shirts or matching sweatshirts. Link to: Veritas Aequitas Truth Justice

Boondock Saints St. Patrick's Day shirt

Boondock Saints St. Patrick's Day Hoodie
Description: How would you feel if three Russian mobsters tried to take over your local pub on St. Patrick's Day? That's what happens to Connor and Murphy, who end up in a bar fight with the Russians, giving them a sound beating. This St. Patrick's Day Boondock Saints Hoodie reflects the violent ways of the MacManus brothers. The design features their rosary cross on the front of the t-shirt, with the words "Veritas Aequitas" surrounding it. Wear this Boondock Saints costume tee as part of your St. Patrick's Day outfit. Link to: Boondock Saints St. Patrick's Day Hoodie

Boondock Saints Guns t-shirt

Boondock Saints Guns t-shirt
Description: This rosary guns tee is a stylish tribute to the Saints, Connor and Murphy. Not necessarily church attire, the design on the front includes an image of the brothers' guns. Wear it under a Veritas hoodie as you recite the prayer from the movie. Support the two brothers who are always ready to unleash their swift style of vigilante justice on Boston's evildoers. Browse other apparel sizes, colors and styles. In addition to Boondock Saints sweatshirt hoodies, these tees look great with trench coats. Link to: Boondock Saints Guns

Veritas Aequitas Boondock Saints t-shirts

Veritas Aequitas Logo tee
Description: This stylish green T displays a similar Veritas Aequitas logo to the one that can be seen in black on the Boondock Saints hoodie sweatshirt. Here, the white logo on green looks great, exuding an Irish tone that the brothers would be proud of, while still holding true to the feel of the movie. The Boondock Saints Rosary Cross can be seen at the center of the design. This tee will look great on St. Patrick's Day to go with your green beer. Link to: Veritas Aequitas Logo

brothers killers boondock saints t-shirt

Boondock Saints Smoke 'em Cross tee
Description: The fronts of these red Boondock Saints t-shirts display a Celtic cross underneath the MacManus brothers lighting up their cigarettes. The Boondock Saints logo can be seen across the chest. Say all of your prayers in this tee, which will go perfectly with your Veritas Aequitas tattoos. Wear this Boondock Saints merchandise item to your next St. Patrick's Day celebration. Just stay clear of the Russian mob. Match it with a Rosary necklace. Link to: Boondock Saints Smoke 'em Cross

Cross Boondock Saints tees

Boondock Saints Cross t-shirt
Description: According to Connor MacManus (Sean Patrick Flanery), bringing rope on a vigilante mission is a good idea. "Charlie Bronson's always got rope. ...He's got a lot of rope strapped around him in the movies, and they always end up using it." Murphy MacManus disagrees, but has no room to talk after Connor discovers his Rambo knife. The image on the front of this T honors the brothers by displaying a Connor and Murphy cross. It's the ideal clothing item to have on when reciting their prayer. This Boondock Saints t-shirt is a cool way to show your love for the movie. The design is perfect to wear with Boondock Saints sweatshirt hoodies. Link to: Boondock Saints Cross



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