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The Eastbound and Down TV show is a new comedy series on HBO starring Danny McBride, John Hawkes and Katy Mixon. The show follows a washed up professional baseball pitcher, Kenny Powers, as he struggles to find his place as a physical education teacher at Jefferson Davis Middle School in his old hometown. His adjustment to an average life does not go smoothly after he falls for his ex-girlfriend again, who is also his boss's fiancee. Join the Kenny Powers fan club with an Eastbound and Down t-shirt or cheer him on in a Kenny Powers jersey. Promote his quotes with the You're F***ing Out Kenny Powers t-shirt.
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You're F***ing Out teeYou're F***ing Out t-shirt

After striking out his opponent during the bottom of the ninth in game seven of the World Series, Kenny Powers yells "You're f***ing out!", changing the face of baseball as we know it. Endorsements and articles popularize the quote. At games fans chant "You're f***ing out!" asking for more Kenny Powers. Grab one of these Kenny Powers t-shirts today and show him that you are a true fan. Link to: You're F***ing Out

Eastbound and Down teeEastbound and Down t-shirt

Eastbound and Down is quickly becoming one of HBO's funniest shows to date. Follow former pitching pro, Kenny Powers (Danny McBride), after he talks himself off of a handful of professional baseball teams. During his attempt to adjust to his new life, he strikes out with his former flame, April Buchanon (Katy Mixon). He also chaperones a middle school dance while being high with his friend Clegg (Ben Best). If you want to be "in", then be the first to grab one of these Eastbound and Down t-shirts and enlighten your friends about Kenny Powers' hysterical mishaps. Link to: Eastbound and Down

Kenny Powers Yelling t-shirtNot Going to Stop Yelling t-shirt

Is there anything that two brothers do better than fight with each other? This tee features a highlight from one of Kenny and Dustin's (John Hawkes) fights during which Kenny states, "I'm not going to stop yelling because that would mean I lost the fight." This navy blue Kenny Powers shirt not only features this memorable quote, it also displays the Eastbound and Down TV show logo. Link to: Not Going to Stop Yelling

Kenny Powers teeExercising Kenny Powers t-shirt

This tee celebrates Jefferson Davis Middle School's most notorious substitute physical education teacher, Kenny Powers. The design conveys his position on exercising, "I play real sports. I'm not trying to be the best at exercising." Wear it to relive this and other Coach Powers' quotes from your favorite Eastbound and Down episodes. Grab this Kenny Powers tee to cheer on the legend, or put it on with your Kenny Powers costume. Pair it with a Jefferson Davis Eagles t-shirt to celebrate the only school willing to give him a job. Link to: Exercising Kenny Powers

Myrtle Beach Merman teeMyrtle Beach Mermen t-shirt

Cheer on Kenny Powers in this Eastbound and Down t-shirt that features the logo for his new team. In hopes of getting back into the pros, he joins the Myrtle Beach Mermen after finding success in Mexico following an unauthorized offer from the Tampa Bay Rays, which left Kenny in the dust. Wear this Myrtle Beach Mermen t-shirt that looks nearly identical to the Kenny Powers baseball jersey seen on the show. Link to: Myrtle Beach Mermen

Kenny Powers Baseball jerseyEastbound Powers Baseball Jersey

There is no better way to celebrate the man that changed the face of professional baseball than in a baseball jersey featuring Kenny Powers name and number. You'll be ready to utter his most famous quote, "You're f**kin out!" His name and number 55 are displayed on the back. This baseball jersey works great as a costume with the mullet wig below. Step up to the plate with this baseball style Kenny Powers t-shirt and see if you can make the cut. Link to: Eastbound Powers Baseball Jersey

Kenny Powers WigKenny Powers Wig

There is no better way to become the major league legend than with a Kenny Powers mullet wig. This version is perhaps the best for your money, as it more closely resembles Danny McBride's hair than do more expensive versions on the market. There is a slight reddish tint but it still looks great, especially when paired with the jersey above to create the perfect Kenny Powers costume. Link to: Kenny Powers Wig

Kenny Powers Fundamentals teeFundamentals Kenny Powers t-shirt

They say that learning and practicing the fundamentals of any sport is very important. Self-proclaimed masters of their game like Kenny Powers couldn't disagree more. Kenny sees fundamentals as a crutch for the talentless. These Eastbound and Down t-shirts are a great reminder that sometimes you just have it or you don't. You might as well just give up now. Link to: Fundamentals Kenny Powers

I Rented This Hooker t-shirtI Rented This Hooker t-shirt

If you're boyfriend wears this shirt like baseball legend Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) does on the show, it might not exactly be a complement, but it will surely get some laughs. He can wear it as you both head to Shh-Boom Shh-Booms Bar and Grill. Buy this Eastbound and Down t-shirt to celebrate Kenny Powers skills with women, or lack thereof. Link to: I Rented This Hooker

Eastbound and Down hoodieEastbound and Down Hoodie

If you want to be like Kenny Powers...before he got kicked out of the pros, then this Eastbound and Down hoodie is for you. Like the shirt it features the logo on the front and "Powers 55" on the back, mimicking the famous Kenny Powers jersey. Remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This sweatshirt is a perfect start for any Kenny Powers costume. When added to a pair of jeans and a brown curly mullet, you could be him. Wear it over the matching Eastbound and Down tee. Link to: Eastbound and Down Hoodie

Charros shirtCharros t-shirt

At the end of season one, Kenny Powers' (Danny McBride) deal with a Major League Baseball team falls through and he leaves April Buchanon (Katy Mixon) behind at a gas station. He heads to Mexico, changes his name and takes up cockfighting. The manager of a local baseball team, the Charros, approaches Kenny, wondering if he can still pitch. This Charros Kenny Powers t-shirt lets everyone know that you're a fan of the underdog team that gave Kenny a chance and revived his career. Link to: Charros

Schaeffer teeSchaeffer Used Cars t-shirt

In season one of Eastbound and Down, Kenny starts working as a spokesman for Ashley Schaeffer (Will Ferrell) of Schaeffer Used Car Sales. Schaeffer soon becomes Kenny's nemesis after some embarrassing tasks at a local meet and greet. Sport this Eastbound and Down Schaeffer t-shirt featuring the Schaeffer automotive logo that is visible throughout the episodes. Link to: Schaeffer Used Cars

Powers 55 t-shirtPowers 55 t-shirt

If you can't decide which one of our wide variety of Kenny Powers t-shirts will go best with your Kenny Powers poster, then perhaps this is the tee for you. Grab an Eastbound and Down DVD and hop on board for the TV show of your life. This Kenny Powers jersey features the city he played for on the front with the Powers 55 graphic on the back. Don't strike out, join the Powers fan club now. Link to: Powers 55



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