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The Little Miss books by English writer and illustrator Roger Hargreaves debuted in 1981 as a follow up to his popular Mr. Men series. The first book released was Little Miss Bossy which was quickly followed by an additional dozen books that year. The series now consists of more than thirty individual character books and has been developed into an animated television show. Stroll down memory lane with our gallery of Little Miss t-shirts and merchandise including the Little Miss Sunshine shirt, Little Miss Birthday tee and Little Miss Chatterbox t-shirt. Celebrate the characters from the Roger Hargreaves books with plush toy figures.
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Little Miss Giggles teeLittle Miss Giggles t-shirt

The story of Little Miss Giggles is very simple... One day while she was out walking she lost her giggles. We have no idea where they went since she normally ate, slept and lived laughing. This was very unfortunate because her giggle was absolutely infectious. Anyone she was around would break out into laughter too. After meeting up with Mr. Happy, they venture to the doctor who is able to return her notable trait and send her on her merry way. Grab this cute Little Miss Giggles t-shirt if you love that she can spread laughter, or if you wish that you could too. Pair it with a Little Miss Birthday shirt. Link to: Little Miss Giggles

Little Miss Lucky teeLittle Miss Lucky t-shirt

Bad dreams don't just happen in the real world, they happen to story book characters like Little Miss Lucky too. After snuggling into bed with a nice book, she is drawn from her covers to a noise at the front door. When she gets to the door, she goes outside only to be locked out and swept away by the wind. She is carried away to a haystack where a tree begins to chase her. Luckily for her, she wakes up to realize it was only a dream. Imagination is a wonderful thing to have, so grab any of our Little Miss shirts, clothing and merchandise to show off some of the fruits of Hargreaves' head. Link to: Little Miss Lucky

Little Miss Naughty teeLittle Miss Naughty t-shirt

Not everyone in this world is nice from the start but that doesn't mean they can't be fixed. Little Miss Naughty is a classic example of this. She runs amuck all over town playing practical jokes on people until she crosses the line. After unwrapping Mr. Bump everyone gets fed up and meets Mr. Impossible for help. It is decided that he will make himself invisible, watch Naughty, and give negative reinforcement when she plays a trick. Soon, she is over her evil ways and gets herself on a new path. Snag this Little Miss Naughty t-shirt if you have a little wild streak deep inside you. Link to: Little Miss Naughty

Little Miss Sunshine teeLittle Miss Sunshine t-shirt

Little Miss Sunshine is the most well known character in the series even though it was the fourth book released. She is famous for transforming Miseryland to Laughter Land through only smiles and laughter. During a free afternoon, she follows signs leading her to Miseryland. There she meets a guard and coaxes him into letting her meet the king by smiling sweetly at him. When she meets the king, she lets out a big laugh and he does the same, making everything right in the land. If you agree that being happy is better than being miserable, then snag this Little Miss Sunshine t-shirt today. Link to: Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Trouble teeLittle Miss Trouble t-shirt

Although she may look similar to Sunshine, she is far from it. Meet Little Miss Trouble. In book six, she plays pranks on anyone who comes her way. Unfortunately, not everyone gets away unscathed. Poor Mr. Small ends up with two black eyes because of her mean and thoughtless pranks. Some of his friends get her back and she learns what it's like to be on the other side. If you think some people need a taste of their own medicine, then get this Little Miss Trouble t-shirt as a little reminder. Link to: Little Miss Trouble

Little Miss Bossy teeLittle Miss Bossy t-shirt

This is the character that the Little Miss books all began with, Little Miss Bossy. She is rude to everyone she meets and thinks that bossing them around is acceptable behavior but it's not. Her intolerable behavior leads a wizard to put a pair of magical boots upon her feet that send her on long exhausting ventures every time she gets bossy. She quickly learns that if she says "please" the wizard will remove the boots. After being given a quick reminder that this could all happen again in the blink of an eye if she gets an attitude, all is forgiven. Get this Little Miss Bossy t-shirt now! Link to: Little Miss Bossy

Little Miss Christmas teeLittle Miss Christmas t-shirt

Little Miss Christmas is a special edition released late in the series that has quickly gained popularity. All year she wraps gifts for children so their holiday is perfect, but she decides to take a break and leaves the last few presents for Mr. Christmas to wrap. When he gets a little too caught up in the festivities, she is left scrambling to complete the job. With the help of some friends with the holiday spirit, it all comes together. If this is your favorite holiday too, then treat yourself to this Little Miss Christmas t-shirt. Also snag any of the Little Miss tees or a Little Miss Sunshine plush to wrap up as a great gift. Link to: Little Miss Christmas

Little Miss Birthday teeLittle Miss Birthday t-shirt

Picking the perfect present doesn't always come easy; just ask Little Miss Birthday. She loves everything about birthdays and keeps track of all her friends so she never misses one; but when it comes to finding a gift for Mr. Wrong she is stumped. If you have a friend that is hard to shop for, then snag this Little Miss Birthday t-shirt and some Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves for a dynamite duo. Actually, all of our Little Miss shirts would make great presents, so pick a friend and match them off to a cute character tee like the Little Miss Chatterbox shirt below. Link to: Little Miss Birthday

Little Miss Christmas I Heart Holidays teeI Love Holidays Little Miss Christmas t-shirt

What's the perfect present for your significant other from Santa? It's obvious from this design that Little Miss Christmas knows the answer. It's you. The front features the happy green holiday character with the phrase, "I Love Holidays." Here, this Little Miss tee (available in long sleeve) acts as the wrapping paper and you are the present. After you exchange gifts, a Little Miss Naughty design might be more fitting. Currently single? The Little Miss Giggles t-shirt or Little Miss Sunshine shirt are options. Link to: I Love Holidays Little Miss Christmas

Little Miss Bad teeLittle Miss Bad t-shirt

Little Miss Bad was one of the last Little Miss books to be written. In it, she commits a bunch of bad deeds around town without anyone knowing exactly who is responsible. Little Miss Sunshine is pretty sure who the culprit is but has to find a way to prove it and prove it she does. To find out how, get the Roger Hargreaves book along with the Little Miss plush so you can reenact the story. For those of you who aren't really bad but still have a mischievous side, check out the Little Miss Naughty t-shirt and Little Miss Trouble shirt to suit your personality. Find other merchandise below. Link to: Little Miss Bad

Little Miss Curious teeLittle Miss Curious t-shirt

The name Little Miss Curious says it all. She wants to know everything. In Nonsense Land, the hometown of Mr. Silly, she asked why the worms have bowties. We think it's a completely valid question. Don't you? If you have an inquiring mind and want to learn all that you can about everything, then this Little Miss t-shirt is perfect for you and your curious nature. Don't hesitate to pick up any other Little Miss tees you have your eye on for yourself or a friend, including Little Miss Stubborn. You only live once, so add this to your Little Miss clothing! Link to: Little Miss Curious

Little Miss Chatterbox teeLittle Miss Chatterbox t-shirt

If you haven't found your ideal job yet, don't feel bad because you aren't alone. Little Miss Chatterbox has the same problem as a result of her incessant talking (even talking in her sleep). She thinks she has it made when she is hired to work the bank, but she is soon fired after talking Mr. Happy's ear off until closing without finishing his transaction. She doesn't let it discourage her though. You shouldn't either. Grab this Little Miss Chatterbox t-shirt and a Little Miss Chatterbox plush to show that life isn't just about a job, it's about doing what you love. Link to: Little Miss Chatterbox

Little Miss PlushLittle Miss Plush Toys

With these Little Miss plush dolls, the delightful characters leap from the pages of the Roger Hargreaves books right into your living room. Collect characters like the Little Miss Naughty doll, whose mischievous ways keep her in hot water, or opt for the Miss Chatterbox plush, who carries two cell phones she talks so much. Of course, the talking Little Miss Sunshine plush doll is the most popular toy of them all. Link to: Little Miss Plush Toys



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