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Save the Clock Tower t-shirt

Save the Clock Tower t-shirt

The front of this Save the Clock Tower Back to the Future t-shirt lets everyone know that you took part in the 1985 Hill Valley 5K run to save the historic tower. The tower was damaged when lightning struck it in 1955, a date that Doc and Marty use to get the DeLorean time machine (aka the alien spaceship) back to the future. In order to get the flux capacitor enough juice, 1.21 gigawatts to be exact, Doc and Marty harness the power in the bolt of lightning that strikes the clock tower. Recite Dr. Emmett Brown's Back to the Future quote in this tee, and let everyone know that you require "1.21 gigawatts" to get your car or "spaceship" travelling. Let's just hope that the Libyans don't drive by in their Volkswagen mini-bus. They'll probably realize it's not a spaceship.

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